You can now generate a direct link to any event. When viewing this link, the user will see the detailed event view. You can also generate direct links to event categories. Users viewing such links will see a pre-filtered event hub.

How to copy an event URL

Find the event you wish to share. 

While viewing the event tile, click on the  three dot button to open a context menu.

From this menu, click on the Copy event URL button. 

The URL to this event is now copied to your clipboard and you can share the link with anyone (who can view the event/your system).

How to copy an event category URL

A list of event categories can be found in the left sidebar of the event hub. 

Hover over the category you wish to share and a copy to clipboard button will appear. Click on this copy to clipboard button. 

Share the link with others and what they will see is the event hub with applied filters to view the specific event category you wanted to share.

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