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Agile Hive

Data Center

Agile Hive for Jira Data Center

A SAFe® solution based on the successful Atlassian tools Jira & Confluence, supporting all SAFe® configurations: "Full SAFe", "Large Solution SAFe", "Portfolio SAFe" and "Essential SAFe".


Agile Hive for Jira Cloud

Our SAFe® in Jira solution is also available for Cloud now. Support for all SAFe® configurations and built on Atlassian Forge for the best experience in Atlassian Cloud.


Cloud Apps

didit - Checklists for Confluence -

Embed Checklists on your Confluence page for reliable and foolproof processes. 


Customize your public Confluence spaces with themes and styling

Navigation Menus - quick & easy orientation

Never get lost in the depths of your Confluence again!

Stock Images for Confluence

Thousands of high-quality stock photos for visually appealing Confluence pages


Server / Data Center Apps

Linchpin Intranet Suite

Fully functional social intranet suite based on Confluence.

Linchpin Essentials | Theme & Profiles

Give your Confluence more identity with theming, orientation and user profiles.

Collapsible Admin Menu

Improve the usability of the admin menu and navigate easier and more quickly.

Language Manager

Manage your content in multiple languages while maintaining full flexibility.

Linchpin Enterprise News

Share your company's news with your employees.

Linchpin Events

Create meeting pages and let users RSVP with one click.

Linchpin Launchpad - Access Your Tools

Create your own set of apps to access external systems from within your intranet.

Linchpin Mobile

Access your Linchpin intranet easily and comfortably on your smartphone - anywhere, anytime.

Linchpin Navigation Menus

The Menu Editor makes it easy to create a user specific navigation.

Linchpin News Digest

Deliver news to your users’ mailboxes.

Linchpin Onboarding

Personalization in just a few steps.

Linchpin Personalized Content

Create personalized excerpts to aggregate content in one place.

Linchpin Pings

Reminders and assistance in profile completion.

Linchpin Theme

Create your own individual theme for your Confluence or Linchpin instance.

Linchpin Touch - Intranet You Can Touch

Your intranet as a bulletin board - easy to maintain, intuitive and up-to-date.

Linchpin Translations

Offer your content in any language.

Linchpin User Profiles

Let your users create a meaningful and up to date profile.

Microblogging for Confluence

Share information, have conversations, write messages and updates.

Terms of Use

All users must accept your terms of use before they are able to log into Confluence.

Useful admin information

Resources for administrators to make the most of our apps.

Duplicate Content Defender

Prevent content duplication and save time, right from the start.

Macro Manager

Deactivate unnecessary macros to simplify Confluence.

Space Privacy - Extranet for Confluence

Secure collaboration with external partners within your Confluence instance.


Printable QR codes for Confluence pages.


Cloud Apps

Awesome Custom Fields

Complete custom field suite e.g. multi level select, color labels, prioritization, project management, progress, estimation

didit - Checklists for Jira

Use templates to create checklists and ToDo Lists for Acceptance Criteria or Definition of Done in Jira. Simple & intuitive.


Server / Data Center Apps

AutoPage - App Documentation

AutoPage creates, links & updates Confluence pages, page trees & the page content automatically out of Jira.


Print Jira issues directly.

ICS - Issue Calendar Sync for Jira

Synchronize your Jira issues' due dates with your personal calendar.


If you have any issues with our Confluence or Jira apps do not hesitate to let us know! Feel free to report any problems or suggestions at at our Helpdesk.

In general, we need a precise error description and a guide how to reproduce the problem ("Click here, do that - then the error occurs"). Please read the following links to help us work on your problem as soon as possible.

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