The event hub is the heart of Linchpin Events. Here you can view, explore, create and manage all events.

What is the event hub?

The event hub offers an overview about all available events. Whether you want to browse all events, search for specific events or create a new event, the event hub is here to help.

How do I access the event hub?

You can access the event hub directly from your Linchpin home page.

Click on the "compass button"  inside the Linchpin Header. You will find it next to your profile picture. A menu will open. In this menu, click on the Event Hub button.

Event overview

In the event hub's overview, you can view and explore all events. The individual event cards inform you about the event's date, participants, and location. The cards also offer a description box and a picture for an easier understanding of the event's nature.

Tile and list view

You can also change how events are displayed. Simply click on the two icons in the upper right corner of the event overview to toggle between tile and list view.

My events

The left sidebar offers a function named "My events". Here you can view all events which you have created. You can also apply filters here if you want to see specific events.

You can also filter events by categories by clicking on the category name in the left navigation.

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