Different people have different needs and design is definitely something everyone can argue about. That's why we decided that you should be able to decide the style yourself. Choose between a simple list view or a more dynamic tile view.

Switching between tile and list view

To change how events are displayed, simply click on one of the two icons in the right corner of the event hub to toggle between tile and list view.

Tile and list view

What's the difference?

Both view options offer all necessary information, but there are some differences.

Tile view

The tile view was not designed to be compact. It has been designed to offer most of the event information. You will see the necessary information like the event title, date, location and category, but you will also have access to a description, a link to an event page and participants. You can also sign up for an event without opening it.

List view

The list view offers a very compact event overview. All events are displayed below each other. You will only see the event title, date, location and category.

This content was last updated on 12/15/2020.

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