An event page offers a more detailed description of an event. Link your event page to your event, so users can easily find it.

What is an event page?

Some events may contain a link to an event page.

An event page is a separate page specifically created for your event. Use an event page to provide a proper, detailed description of an event. You could even treat the event page like a blog post about the event.

Let's say your event happens outside of your office and there is another company involved. You need to:

  • Introduce your event participants to your co-organizer.
  • Describe the meeting location and time.
  • Describe how to get to the location from your office.
  • Describe the day's schedule.
  • Provide additional information about costs, transport etc.

That's too much information for a single event card. The better solution would be to create an event page, write in detail about the event and simply link it inside of your event.

Embed the event on its page! To do that, add the Event macro to the page. This allows for a more efficient workflow.


Do you have any questions about the event? Discuss it with other participants and the organizer in the comments of the event page. It is a great way to quickly gather all important information and answer questions about an event.

Event page

How do I create an event page?

An event page is a normal Confluence page. You can create it in any space you want. Just make sure to publish the event page in a space where users can see it.

There are two ways to create an event page.

You can create an event page and decide in which space to publish it.

Head over to your Linchpin navigation. Click on the "⋯" button next to "Create".

If you chose the other layout for your create button, you only need to click on the ( + ) button and a context menu will open automatically.

A creation menu will open. Choose the space in which you wish to publish your page. Select the right page layout for your needs. Click on "Create"

A draft will open. Fill the page with relevant details, an event macro, pictures etc. Subsequently, publish your page.

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