While viewing an event, you can also view and manage participants. The focused event overview offers a quick way to browse through all participants. Use the search bar to look up participants.

How to view all participants

The event overview allows you to browse through all participants.

Simply open the "Participants" tab to view all of the participants for your event. All participants (guests, too) will be displayed in the form of a list, with their full name and profile picture. The search bar makes it possible to quickly find specific participants.

You can get to the participants tab in two ways:

  1. Click on the event's cover image or title, then choose the "Participants" tab.
  2. Click on the "⋯" button and choose "Manage participants".

Viewing participants

Please note that viewing participants is only possible if the organizer didn't set the participant list to "hidden".

Also, event editors and Confluence administrators always see all functions. Even the functions that were hidden for "normal users".

Deleted users


Since version 3.3 of Linchpin Events, deleted users will be anonymized throughout the entire app. Linchpin Events uses the data Confluence provides when deleting a user - the name will be randomized (for example user-fbvd).

This means that if a user was a participant of an event, and then said user was deleted, no other user will be able to still see the deleted user as a (former) participant.

This new feature does not apply to users whose accounts have been disabled. Disabled accounts lose their profile pictures, but their names will still be visible to others.

This content was last updated on 12/15/2020.

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