Major release. Easy Events RSVP becomes Linchpin Events!

New features & improvements

    • Central event hub to create, explore, and manage all events.
    • Live preview of how the event macro will appear when you create and edit events.
    • Events are now independent of Confluence pages. It gives you more options to create, embed and link events.
    • You no longer embed an event into a Confluence page. You only embed a reference. This means: You can integrate the same event into multiple pages without any trouble.
    • The new event popup shows all event-related information. Wherever you are in Confluence, you don't have to leave your current workspace.


    • When you copy a Confluence page, you now only copy an event reference, not the whole event. This prevents any errors that may occur while copying and when you work with event duplicates.


Easy Events now supports the 12-hour-format.


    • Events now support the 12-hour-format in event view and event configuration.
    • We improved some texts in interface and e-mail templates.


Design improvements and bugfixes.


    • Optical improvements for all event macros .


    • Fixed some issues with time zones .
    • We fixed all-day events.


See all events in your time zone!

New features

    • Events are displayed in your current time zone. Now you can easily track events in other locations.
    • The layout of the event list macro has received an update.

Bugfixes & improvements

    • The event list macro is much faster now.
    • The event title was changed to a mandatory field.
    • Your language settings are considered in the calendar view.


Export participant lists for further processing in Excel!

New features

    • You can now download participant lists of your events as CSV file that can be processed e.g. in Excel or other tools.


    • Easy Events sends event mails now correctly regardless of the profile image type.


Finally: plan events that last more than one day!

New features

    • Now you can create events that last more than one day. Furthermore the user interface matches the new style of Confluence 6.7.


    • Events are now sorted correctly in calendar view.


Experience enhanced options for event sign-ups!

New features

    • Events have the option to close user registrations now. You can disable sign-ups while in event creation or when you edit events.


    • Fixed a bug which caused randomly sorted event lists if a category and "displayed events" limit was set.


Easy Events looks more handsome than ever!

New Features

    • You can now choose between a compact and a detailed participant list.
    • Now, the Easy Events calendar is displayed in a detailed and more informative view.
    • The calendar is responsive now. It switches to amore compact layout in small areas.


    • We improved the event macro and the event blueprint wizard layout.
    • We added more helpful tooltips.


    • We prevented some side effects with other Confluence add-ons (for example Scroll Viewport) that broke Easy Events RSVP macros under some circumstances.


    • Fixed a bug when creating multiple events on a single Confluence page.
    • ICS file is now correctly attached to emails in MS Office Webmail and Outlook 2013.
    • Fixed a bug related to email notifications about event changes.
    • Fixed a layout error in the calendar's responsive design.
    • Corrected the order of the event list in conjunction with event categories.


    • Easy Events is now Data-Center-ready.


    • Improved the display of avatar images within an event.
    • Fixed a bug in the registration process of events without date.
    • Deleted users can be removed from an events participation list now.
    • Fixed anonymous access to calendar view and calendar macro.
    • Improved labeling of event categories.


Overall improved usability of Easy Events RSVP.

New features

    • Configure global categories to structure your events. Use categories as filters in the event calendar and the event list macro.
    • Customize your events. Change the global event blueprint to fit your needs.
    • Configure your event more comfortably. Use the new and awesome time picker UI.


    • Several minor bugs were fixed.


Event List macro was improved, Event Calendar macro was introduced.

New Features

    • Display all of your events in a nice calendar macro.
    • Enjoy a new look of the event list macro.
    • Show events from several spaces in one event list.

(lightbulb) Update safely: If you are running versions 1.3.3 or earlier, we recommend to install version 1.3.4 first, then update to 1.5.


We added notifications and improved the usability.

New features

    • Several events can be displayed on a single page now.
    • We added an option to hide the user list. Participants will still see themselves, and editors will still see all participants.
    • We added an option to send out invitations to other users instead of directly adding them to an event.
    • The plugin now sends out emails with .ics files to easily add events to your favorite calendar tool.
    • We reworked the GUI for sign-up and sign-out. It's more fun to use now.


    • Deleted eEvents no longer show up in the event list.
    • Several issues with .ics files have been fixed.
    • Users who are not logged in won't see Buttons for signing in or off anymore.

(lightbulb) Update safely: If you are running versions 1.3.3 or earlier, we recommend to install version 1.3.4 first, then update to 1.4.


Introduction of the Event List macro.

New features

    • Place a list of upcoming events anywhere on a page using the new Event List macro.


Updates and fixes

    • Added validation of date and time to prevent invalid data.
    • Now, the event list updates even thought there might be events with invalid data inside it.
    • Newly created events no longer cause double entries in the event list.
    • Added handling of invalid event data on .ics export.


Event export is now a thing.

New features

  • Be notified by email if someone adds you to or removes you from an event.
  • Automatically watch a page if you join an event.
  • Export the event to your calendar.
  • Set a maximum number of participants.


  • Extended the blueprint layout with useful event data.
  • Improved the event layout page.

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