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Sign yourself up

Signing up for an event is fairly simple. Just click on the "Sign me up" button. You will be automatically added to the participant list. 

The "Sign me up" button is visible in either the detailed event view or in tile view.

Please note: If the organizer set the participant list to "hidden", you will only see yourself as a participant, even if others signed up.

Event editors and Confluence administrators can always add/remove event participants. Even if those functions are disabled for normal users.

Sign up for events on mobile

Currently, there is no way to sign up for events via app.

Possible Workaround

If you see an event you are interested in, click on the star icon to add this page to your favorites.

When you have access to your computer again, you can quickly find the event again in your favorites and sign up for it.

What else can I do with Linchpin Events?
Want to know how to sign others up? Click here!

Looking for an alternative in the Cloud? 

Besides offering apps like Linchpin Intranet Suite, that is available for Atlassian Data Center, we also have apps for Confluence Cloud in our portfolio.

Like Mantra, the intranet for Confluence Cloud, developed by our joint-venture AppAnvil (known for hits like Aura & Karma).

Test the intranet for Confluence Cloud now for free: 

Discover Mantra

This page was last edited on 06/05/2024.