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Permissions based on spaces and users/groups

Default permissions

Read/view permissions

All events are visible for all users.

Write/edit permission

Events can be edited/deleted by the event creator or any Confluence administrator.

Limit read/view permissions

You can limit read/view permissions of an event to specific spaces. Only users with access to these spaces will see the event.  

Add write/edit permissions

You can add write permissions to an event. To do so, add users or user groups as editors to the event. These event editors have full write/edit permissions for the this event.

Add anonymous permissions

In order to make events visible to anonymous users, the user profiles must be made public (right-hand checkbox) in addition to the general access (left-hand checkbox) in the administration area under Global Permissions -> Anonymous Access.

Without both ticks, anonymous users cannot see any events.

This page was last edited on 09/28/2023.