You can edit your microposts to correct a typo, fix a link or add more information.

How to edit your microposts

To edit your post, click on the  button inside the editor, then click on Edit.

Now the editor will re-open. Type in your changes and click on the Post it button.

Editing a micropost will not change the order of the timeline. The edited micropost will not rise to the top of the Microblog.

Note that every Confluence administrator can also edit or remove your posts!

View the change history

Once a post was edited, it will be marked. Edited posts have the word "(edited)" included after the time stamp. 

Click the "(edited)" link to show a change history overlay. This change history includes all modifications that have been made to this post.

You can see what was changed, when it was changed and who changed it.

Click the Show content link to view a specific version of a post.

Clicking on Show all contents will open all versions of the post.

You can close this window by either clicking on Close in the lower right corner of the window or by clicking on X in the upper right corner of the window.

This content was last updated on 01/15/2020.

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