You can personalize the timeline of your Microblog. Learn here how to do it.

Choose topics relevant for you

Click on the settings  button inside your Microblog. This action will redirect you to the My stream settings page inside the Microblog portal.

If you can't see the settings button, your Microblog macro is set up to display only one specific space or topic. The instructions below apply only to Microblogs with global timelines.

Click on the My stream tab to select topics relevant for you.

Now, you can select the topics which should be shown in your timeline.

You can also select whole spaces. If you select a whole space, all topics of this space will automatically be selected, too.

Do you want to completely reorganize your stream quickly? Use the Select all button to select all spaces and topics. Now you can also use the Deselect all button to clear your stream completely.

Filter displayed topics and spaces

Click on the  All posts button in the top left corner of the Microblog.

Now, select a space or topic you want to view. Your timeline will refresh and show you only the chosen space or topic. 

To view all posts again, click on the now visible reverse button.

Search for content and hashtags

Simple search

Click on the search  button to use the search function. Input your search query and hit Enter on your keyboard. You can search for content (full text or single words) or hashtags.

If you search for a phrase (for example: "can anyone tell me"), the search will show you all posts containing the full phrase and all posts containing any of those words (for example: posts containing only the word "can").

The Microblog will refresh and show you the search results. The phrase you searched for applies to posts and comments. Your search phrase will be highlighted in the results. 

To remove the search filter again, click on the reverse button in the Microblog's headline.

Advanced search

The advanced search allows you to specify your search. You can search for posts of a specific author, of a specific topic etc.

The advanced search can be accessed in the Microblog portal.

You can navigate to the Microblog portal using the Linchpin header navigation. Click on the compass icon , then click on the Microblog icon.

The Microblog portal is also available under: http://<Confluence-URL>/plugins/microblog.action.

Click on this Search button to open an advanced search bar.

You can search here for text extracts, authors, topics, time frames or hashtags. You can also combine multiple filters.

Click on the Reset button to reset all search filters.

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