Learn how the Microblog editor works and which content types are supported.

Write a micropost

The microblog editor is similar to the one used by Confluence for comments. Use it to share information and style your microposts. 

Input your text, links etc. into the editor, choose a topic and click on the Post it button.

Choose a topic for your micropost

To publish a micropost, you have to choose a microblog topic.

In most cases, a suggested topic is preselected.

If you cannot see the option to select a topic, the topic is predefined by context or macro configuration.

Reply to a micropost

To reply to a micropost works like to write a new micropost.

Click on the Reply button or just type your answer into the input field below a micropost. The post you refer to will be highlighted in the context and an @-mention will be inserted in the editor. Also, now the editor always shows up directly under the post you refer to. You don't need to scroll through all the replies.

You can also reply to other comments. Currently all replies are displayed under the top-level post.

Configurable content types

The content types listed here can be used to create a post. 

You can use:

  • Text formatting
  • Links
  • Images
  • "@" to mention a user
  • "#" to label / hashtag a micropost 
  • Some macros 

The word you want to use as a hashtag has to be unformatted (not bold, underlined, italic etc.).

Please note that not all macros work within the microblog. Check the compatibility after you insert content via copy / paste!

This content was last updated on 01/15/2020.

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