The "General configuration" tab inside your Microblog settings offers you options to limit a micropost in height and manage micropost deletion.

How to access the general configuration?

Navigate to Confluence administration > Microblog > General configuration.

Alternatively, click on the settings button in your Linchpin header, then click on the Microblog link. Then choose the General configuration tab.

Maximum height of Microblog posts

To keep your microblog "micro", you are able to define a maximum height for every micropost and every reply. Every content higher than the configured value will be cropped. A Show more button will be added to unfold the content.

Input the maximally allowed height as a whole number. Your inputs are measured in pixels. Please do not include "px" in your input.

(tick) Correct: 10

(tick) Correct: 50

(error) Incorrect: 10.5

(error) Incorrect: 20px

If you do not want microposts to be "cut-off", leave this field empty.

The height is configured in pixels because measuring words or signs would not work for images.

Delete posts with replies

By default, users can't delete microposts once others replied to those posts.

Activate the Allow delete checkbox if you want to allow users to delete microposts even after people already replied to them.

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