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How many field types exist?

Why should I use profile field type phone number (input validation)?

This profile field allows users to enter a phone number.

This phone number field has a built-in input validation. The app will automatically verify if the entered number is correct and give a warning if it's not.

Users can also start a call thanks to this field. This profile field uses the "tel:" protocol and makes numbers clickable (in all LUP related macros, too!).

Please note: If the phone number (input validation) field is being filled by anything other than user input (for example via LDAP sync), the number will be saved exactly as it arrives from the source. Nothing will be changed, no validation will happen.

This profile field can write back into your LDAP.

The phone number field with input validation is available since Linchpin User Profiles version 2.20.

The previously used field "Phone number without input validation" is deprecated. It still works in version 2.20, but will be eliminated in the near future. If you haven't changed anything by then, we will migrate the field contents automatically to the new field type.

In some cases you might not want that to happen. For example: Your users don't enter their complete phone numbers but only their extension numbers into this field. The new phone number field would mark these numbers as invalid. In that case, change the field type to a simple text field to avoid the automatic migration.

This page was last edited on 10/02/2023.