How to access the Linchpin demonstration instance

  1. Access the public demonstration instance at: 
  2. There are multiple demonstration accounts that you can use to evaluate Linchpin: 
    1. User: A standard customer login with basic access rights just like a standard user:
      username: kholmes
      password: kholmes
    2. Customer Administrator: A customer administrator login with extended rights that let you access configuration pages of the most important Linchpin settings and apps:
      username: pwinter or tschroeder 
      password: pwinter or tschroeder

What this Linchpin instance lets you do

At this point we assume that you have an initial impression of Linchpin, know what it is, and have read our introduction: Linchpin - Social Intranet with Confluence. The Linchpin demonstration instance is configured with a relatively plain, clean theme and some demonstration content. Feel free to play around, evaluate, and get to know Linchpin.  We hope this lets get a good impression of how Linchpin works and how it excels as a Confluence-based intranet solution.

We hope you find your way around yourself - don't be afraid, you can't break anything. Below are some of the "must-sees" that make Linchpin unique.


Top-down communication 

Bottom-up communication comes built-in with Confluence. The News Highlights feature in Linchpin takes the opposite approach, displaying a stream of "must-see news" to everybody in your company in a top-down manner. The news feed is provided by an editorial staff, making sure that important pieces of information are delivered to everybody. 

Comprehensive personalization 

The core of Linchpin is its personalization engine that pulls information from your LDAP, Active Directory or any other user directory plus additional fields in Confluence user profiles. This information is used to personalize the content that a user sees, including the navigation menu, the personal news stream on the home page and their profile page

Fully integrated microblog

The space-based microblog is a real gem and fully integrated with Confluence. It uses the powerful Confluence rich-text editor and supports linking, tagging, mentions and attaching files. The microblog uses threading and ensures that you always stay up-to-date by pushing the most recent edits and comments to the top. 

Enterprise application integration

Let Linchpin be the starting point of your daily work. In the App Store, Linchpin gives you quick access to all browser-based applications that you commonly work with. Users can customize this cockpit to their needs, and we are already working on an SSO solution for even more convenience.

Questions & feedback 

Do you have any questions or want to give us feedback?  We are there for you!  Please use the contact form below.

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