One central purpose of an intranet is to deliver important corporate news to the employees.

LINCHPIN offers two news related concepts: personalization and a combination of both obligatory news and self-chosen news. 

Information distribution with enterprise news and individual news chosen by the users

Top-down communication with News Highlights

LINCHPIN enables you to offer obligatory corporate news according to the user's profile settings (site or other relevant criteria). The following video demonstrates how employees in different countries will get different news.

These news are regular news articles put into specific channels. You can control the who will be allowed to create which kind of news.

Sorting by date of publication or date of last change, alphabetical sorting by title, news tickers - LINCHPIN offers many options to provide corporate news.

Users can subscribe to interesting news channels on their own

Beside the obligatory corporate news, users can assemble their own news streams by subscribing to individually relevant news channels - departments with specific news channels, projects, initiatives, product fields. 

The following video shows how a user would configure his own news stream.

Schedule news


News can be scheduled in advance

This feature is covered by the Confluence Content Scheduler . You can chose the date and time of publication.

This video shows how to schedule a news article:

Avoid newsletters with our news concept

This news concept will help you to reduce the e-mail load in your organization significantly. Important information can be provided in the form of news articles on the intranet instead of sending out tons of e-mail newsletters no recipient will ever read. Users can subscribe to individually relevant news channels on the intranet instead of handling many different newsletters in their inbox.

Confluence digest

Optionally, Confluence offers a daily update e-mail with information about new content which users can subscribe to. Note: This is no newsletter but a fully automated notification e-mail.

Users can define when to get these automated notification e-mails:



Linchpin Intranet Features

Requirements for an Intranet solution

The following pages allow you to learn more about the requirements that are set at modern Intranet Solutions and how we address these with our Confluence-based Intranet "LINCHPIN".

Link to this page:


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