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NEW IN 2.30

What is an anchor link?

An anchor link allows the user to jump to the section of interest immediately, without having to scroll through the entire page.

By using anchor links, you can send the readers directly to the right place so they don't have to search for a long time.

How do I create an anchor link in my Linchpin Teaser macro?

This is a two step process:

First, you have to create an anchor and then you can add this in your Linchpin Teaser macro.

To create an anchor open the macros and select the anchor. Give the anchor a name. This will be the name you'll enter as a link with an hashtag in your Linchpin Teaser Macro.

Then, create a Linchpin Teaser. Learn how to do that step by step here

In the URL section, click on the empty space to get to the detailed overview of how you can insert a link.

Click on Advanced in the sidebar on the left and enter the name of your anchor with an hashtag in front. Click on Insert to insert the anchor link. Then click on insert again.

That's it! You've successfully created an anchor link!

This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.