Share a Page with one click

With LINCHPIN, sharing  content is super easy. You can share every page in the Intranet with one click.

LINCHPIN helps you to to address it to the people of your choice with autocompletion of names as soon as you start typing. Look for yourself.

Sharing content based on Wiki pages has enormous advantages over sending emails when you want to collaborate with others:

  • When you send an email, its content sits in someone's email inbox. Most likely in several people's inboxes if you have sent it to multiple people. When you create and share a Wiki page, the information is at one place, readable by multiple people.
  • If you need to subsequently give the information to someone who was not on the initial distribution list, you have to dig out the email you initially sent and re-send to that person. In a Wiki, you simply share the existing page.
  • If the information you have initially shared changes in any way at a later point, with email, you need to write a new email and explain the changes. In a Wiki, you just need to change the Wiki page. Everyone you have initially shared the page with will automatically be notified of the changes. Just change the page. Done.
  • If, some time down the road, you need to find that email that you have sent a while ago, you start searching your outbox or "Sent Mail" folder. You probably don't even remember who you sent that email to or what the subject was. It's a nightmare. In a Wiki, your page is still there with all the information still accessible for everyone. The powerful search function of your Intranet helps you find it in no time.
  • On top of it all, an Intranet like Linchpin lets you create nice and presentable pages with diagrams, images and neatly formatted text. This is way more accessible and effective as an email which pretty much just text, perhaps with some attachments.

Using the share feature of LINCHPIN is definitely the preferable way to share content because everyone who you share a page with becomes a watcher and will be notified of future changes of that page. However, this feature can be turned off.

Page Links

Another way to share pages is to send a link of a page to someone. The preferable way to share content is to use the share feature, however, sometimes you need to send a link, for example, when you want to share content with external people in an Extranet. You can do this via the Tools menu at the top of each page. Click Link to this Page.

LINCHPIN offers tiny links, which are shortcuts to the usually rather long URLs to individual pages. In the dialog box that pops up, chose the tiny link to copy and send it to someone you want to share the page with.

The tiny links have great advantages over the long URLs: Not only are they much shorter and better to handle, they are robust against page moves. This means if someone moves the page after you have shared the tiny link with a person, that person can still reach the moved page using the tiny link. Tiny links don't change when a page title r its location change.  The long URLs, however, will change when a page is moved or it's title amended.


Another way to direct someone's attention to content is to mention them. A mention embeds a user's name in content in a way that both notifies them of the mention and links to their profile. Mentioning a person is as easy as it could be. Just type an "@" and start typing the persons name directly after. Linchpin autocompletes the name while you type and lets you chose from a drop down list of options.

Mentions are a great way of letting someone know that you expect their action, or that you want them to have a look at something.


Linchpin Intranet Features

Requirements for an Intranet solution

The following pages allow you to learn more about the requirements that are set at modern Intranet Solutions and how we address these with our Confluence-based Intranet "LINCHPIN".

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