All content on LINCHPIN lives in space

There are the two main types site spaces (or global spaces) and personal spaces. Site spaces are by default open to everyone and each user can create content and collaborate with other users. Personal spaces belong to specific users. By default, these are private but you can open private spaces up for other users to view or edit. Personal spaces are listed in the people directory.

The Purpose of Spaces

A space is an area containing pages, blog posts and other content.

Imagine a space as a sub-site, or mini-site, each with its own home page. It is very common to use spaces to cluster content around a specific topic or to use it as a team- or department space.

Note the following about spaces:

  • Each space has its own pages, blog posts, comments, and access rights.
  • Different spaces can have different levels of access rights.
  • There is one level of spaces. There is no nesting of spaces to create hierarchies but it is possible to group spaces using space categories.
  • Spaces can be exported in one piece in different formats such as PDF, HTML or XML.
  • Each space can have an individual look & feel with its own logo and theme.

Creating new Spaces

Similar to creating pages, you can create a blank space or choose to use a space blueprint.  There is no limit to the number of site spaces you can create. Each space has a unique identifier, the space key. The space key is automatically created when you create a space but it can be edited. For example, you might give your documentation space a key of "DOC". Have a look at the following demonstration on how to create a space and set its permissions.

Viewing Spaces

You can list spaces of a site in the space directory. This shows all the site and personal spaces that you have permission to see. The list can be filtered, for example, with the following pre-defined filters:

  • Site Spaces: Shows all spaces of the system except for personal spaces.
  • Personal Spaces: The opposite of the above, shows only personal spaces.
  • Favourite Spaces: Your favourite spaces (see below).
  • Archived Spaces: This displays all spaces (global and personal) that have been archived, and that you have permission to view.
  • Filter by category: Display spaces labelled with the selected category. You can edit space categories in the space directory if you have the appropriate righgts

Favourite Spaces

You can mark spaces as favourites to have quick access to those spaces you are working with most often. Favourites can be shown on your dashboard.


Linchpin Intranet Features

Requirements for an Intranet solution

The following pages allow you to learn more about the requirements that are set at modern Intranet Solutions and how we address these with our Confluence-based Intranet "LINCHPIN".


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