Grow a successful Confluence to a successful Intranet

Why Linchpin?

Linchpin is a fully personalized social intranet suite based on Atlassian Confluence. It has been designed for big corporations and their diverse communication needs, from letting management distribute important information in a top-down manner to customizing huge amounts of content in a company-wide system. It makes Confluence a full-fledged intranet. 

Where Confluence falls short in meeting the typical "Intranet 1.0" requirements big companies have, Linchpin adds those features and makes it an inexpensive and easy-to-use alternative to the usual suspects in the intranet arena. Build on a system your people already love and make it the foundation of your intranet, all while saving big on license fees. Download our PDF-Summary (1.54 MB)

  • Integrates top-down communication aspects of large companies ("Intranet 1.0").
  • Reduces complexity through personalization based on language, location, department, etc. 
  • Improves social features by adding microblogging and beefed up profile pages. 
  • Integrates other enterprise applications making it the web cockpit for all things digital. 
  • Builds on a system your people already love and makes it the foundation of your intranet. 
  • Saves you tons of license fees compared to the usual intranet suspects (Sharepoint, JIVE, Salesforce, etc.)

Linchpin – Features and Plugins

People Search and Extended User Profiles

Linchpin offers a dedicated people search, accessible from everywhere in the intranet via a separate input field. Simply type in a keyword and find the people you're looking for, ordered by relevance. Click on a name to go to a user's beefed up profile page with information far beyond what Confluence offers by default.

Top-Down and Bottom-Up Communication

Confluence is great for bottom-up communication, giving all users a chance to document their everyday work the wiki way. But a proper intranet needs top-down communication, too, guaranteeing that critical pieces of information are delivered to all employees. Linchpin adds that to Confluence, hassle-free.

Fully Integrated Microblogging

Microblogging has become big in the enterprise, letting people share information conveniently and connecting to one another in an informal way. Linchpin offers the first microblogging solution that is fully integrated into Confluence. No additional stand-alone software, just an add-on developed solely for enhancing the Confluence experience.

Faster Load Times

Big-scale intranets are prone to being slow. Not Linchpin though. It's already used in big companies with thousands of employees. And we make sure it's fast. From extensive caching on different levels to regular stress testing, our sysadmins work hand in hand with your IT to build a lightning fast system.

Personalized Navigation and Home Pages

Well structured, tidied up and - personalized. Depending on the settings in a user's profile (language, location, department, etc.), Linchpin customizes the main navigation and certain sections on the home page. This way you can deliver specially tailored content to all of your employees while fully controlling the information flow.

Integration of Critical Enterprise Applications

Face it, for most employees your intranet is just one application of many. Linchpin makes it the cockpit for the workplace, though, by neatly integrating other software. Users can add links to important web apps to their home page as small tiles, iPhone style. SSO is in the works (Kerberos, SAML, OpenID, etc.).

Simplified Theme with Company Branding

Your intranet needs to look like your company. When your employees log in, they need to know where they are. Linchpin comes with a branded theme which we further adjust according to your needs. Plus, we simplify things, removing a bit of the wiki clutter, so that the design fits the needs of an intranet.

Better Mobile Accessibility

While the world goes mobile, intranets still lag behind. Linchpin adds a mobile component to your intranet, offering special themes for smartphones and tablets that take into account the characteristics of the mobile realm and the particular use cases when logging in from on-the-go. Don't leave your intranet hanging, help it catch up.


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