//SEIBERT/MEDIA is one of the biggest official sales partners of Atlassian software in the world, specializing in the complete Atlassian product portfolio. With experience from hundreds of Atlassian projects, we offer you all services, from evaluation, licensing, introduction, configuration, scaling, support and maintenance for your Atlassian products, all from the one provider.

Are you evaluating Atlassian systems or are planning to introduce an Atlassian product? Do you need support with an ongoing project? Would you like to configure or expand your existing tools? Send your inquiry now to us, an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner!

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  • Video testimonials by Atlassian employees about //SEIBERT/MEDIA as an Atlassian Partner.
  • Sample quotations which give you an overview of the many ways in which we can assist you.
  • Access to several articles in our blog about Atlassian products, including product updates, articles with tutorials and best practices, summaries of interesting events and much more.
  • An overview of prices and costs for all Atlassian products.
  • Video interviews with Atlassian staff about the different Atlassian products, their current status and their development.
  • Insights into the Atlassian world via videos and photos from big Atlassian events.
  • Detailed information about the free Atlassian Enterprise Club by //SEIBERT/MEDIA with exclusive events, free licensing consultation, opportunities for direct exchange with other Atlassian customers and more.

You will receive all of these resources immediately after your inquiry - for free and with no further obligation.

Would you like to test all the features of Atlassian products?

Would you like to evaluate Atlassian products right now? Then use SWIFT, our Atlassian hosting service, free of charge and without obligation for 30 days. Simply request your instance using the form below. It will be available online shortly afterwards at the URL of your choice.

Our services around the provision of Atlassian software


We use Atlassian tools internally and our experienced consultants have excellent knowledge of all Atlassian systems. We offer comprehensive tool and app consulting, strategic consulting and license consulting. We are also happy to support you with the development of tailor-made implementation strategies and with employee engagement in the use of your Atlassian software.

Training, workshops and certifications

For all Atlassian products, we offer customized workshops and training for your specific needs - online and by telephone via desktop sharing, at //SEIBERT/MEDIA in Wiesbaden, or at your site. In addition, you can arrange standardized user training courses for Certified Jira Professional and Certified Confluence Professional certifications at our office.


We strongly recommend to customize new systems to meet the specific requirements of your company. Through functional customization, usability optimization and design customization in line with your corporate design guidelines, you can get more out of your Atlassian products and create the ideal conditions for greater productivity. We will support you with our interdisciplinary agile teams.

Custom app development

Atlassian products can be customized using apps to meet special requirements, even when there are no existing Atlassian or third-party apps available. Our employees won the Atlassian Codegeist 2012 (app development competition). We would be happy to develop tailor-made apps for you that cover your particular requirements.


We are your partner for the licensing of all Atlassian products and numerous plugins for Atlassian systems - with purchase on account at a German service provider, German hands-on support, a direct line to all Atlassian managers and many other benefits.

Implementation and configuration

Getting started with such a powerful and complex product like Atlassian software is often a challenge. By partnering with //SEIBERT/MEDIA, you are not alone. You can rely on the professional support of an experienced German service provider. Our customers find this particularly useful when setting up and configuring their software.

Hosting and operating Atlassian software

//SEIBERT/MEDIA offers you tailor-made hosting solutions for the reliable and scalable operation of your Atlassian applications. Managed virtual servers from //SEIBERT/MEDIA are built for maximum reliability, performance, security and flexibility. Modern infrastructure and virtualization technologies ensure the optimal operation of your business-critical Atlassian enterprise applications.

Why should you choose //SEIBERT/MEDIA as a partner for your Atlassian projects?

  • We are one of the biggest Atlassian partners in the world with experience in hundreds of Atlassian projects and locations in the USA, and Germany.
  • Leading Atlassian staff recommends //SEIBERT/MEDIA
  • We offer immediate access to free test environments for Atlassian products - with no further obligation.

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