You will find this page useful if you are using Linchpin as your intranet solution with one or more of the following Confluence apps:

  • App Center
  • Enterprise News Bundle
  • Linchpin Theme Plugin
  • Navigation Menu Editor
  • Linchpin Touch
  • Custom User Profile

Early October, the new Linchpin Manager app will appear on the Marketplace.

The Manager is your new control center, bringing together all of the important information about your Linchpin Intranet (the status of your Linchpin apps, licenses, links, etc.)

One major change that will affect you, is the secondary function of the Manager. It ensures that the other Linchpin apps can exchange data with each other, and collects all of the important Linchpin functions that were previously distributed in the individual apps, e.g. personalization settings, or custom Linchpin app styles via the Linchpin Theme.

For example:

  • Personalized app recommendations, mandatory apps for users (App Center)

  • Personalized Cover Stories, News Feeds for users (ENB)
  • Personalized navigation elements for users (NME)

The Linchpin Manager was terminated in version 1.6 (Linchpin Intranet Suite 3.3). We integrated its functions and child apps (Translations, Pings und Onboarding) directly into the Linchpin Intranet Suite.

What is Linchpin? 

  • Linchpin is our intranet suite based on Confluence.
  • It consists of Confluence as the basis plus many different apps extending Confluence into a full and powerful intranet software product.
  • A core feature of Linchpin is the personalization of the structure (e.g. navigation) and content (e.g. news).
  • To manage personalization more easily, we have developed the Linchpin Manager app.

Why this change?

  • The Linchpin Manager app is based on the strategic development of our intranet suite Linchpin and provides a strong foundation for future innovations.
  • We want to offer individual Linchpin apps as standalone and competitive products as slimmer versions on the Atlassian Marketplace.
  • Core functions, previously integrated in all of these applications, are now centrally managed via the Linchpin Manager app. This is the key for exchanging data across all Linchpin apps.
  • The Linchpin Manager app also provides you with an overview of the status of Linchpin (apps, licenses, integrations, etc.) 

What is the Linchpin Manager app? 

  • The Linchpin Manager app is located at the center of Linchpin and allows the various Linchpin apps to exchange data and communicate with each other.
  • More simply, the Linchpin Manager app is the new control center for all Linchpin apps.
  • The Linchpin Manager app provides an overview of all Linchpin apps, checks their status and whether they have a valid license.
  • In addition, the Linchpin Manager app supports data exchange between the individual Linchpin apps and enables advanced features in the apps.
  • The Linchpin Manager app is only visible in the administration area of Confluence.

When does this change take effect?

  • The Linchpin Manager app will be available in the Atlassian Marketplace from early October.
  • At that time, new versions of the apps mentioned above will be available in the Marketplace.

  • When you update one of the apps, personalization features within the app will be initially disabled.

What do I have to do right now?

  • Please contact your customer service representative directly. They will discuss everything with you and ensure the Linchpin Manager app is smoothly integrated into your intranet.
  • Once the Linchpin Manager app is installed, you do not have to do anything else.
  • The Linchpin Manager app instantly lists the status of all of your Linchpin apps and enables all Linchpin functions.

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