Objectives for the current PI

The clearer and more intuitive it is for our customers to configure their own Linchpin Suite, the easier it becomes to set up a social intranet using Linchpin.

For this reason, we are using the upcoming PI to work on concepts for the intuitive configuration of fields in Linchpin user profiles, as well as a prototype for a Linchpin Dashboard that comes with the system and is easy to configure.

We want to provide more options for those who don't spend the whole day at a desk. In the future, users will be able to configure their user profile in the mobile app.

Many of our customers require the capability to display Org Charts in the intranet and would like more extensive options. We are also connecting the Blueprint Creator to Linchpin Enterprise News. This will help news editors when adding specific content from Linchpin Enterprise News, e.g., news categories or a teaser image.

Linchpin features in PI 7/2020

PI7 (PI stands for program increment – a development period of 10 weeks) began on March 23 and will end on May 29. The results relating to Linchpin Intranet Suite will be published at the end of this period.

New Features

"Self-service quick wins"

We recently identified some points, where inexperienced Linchpin admins were getting stuck – that is, in particular, evaluators and customers who attempted to set up Linchpin by themselves. Several of the problems that come up here can be solved with some straightforward tweaks.

Improving usability in the profile editor

Those responsible for the intranet should be able to add profile fields in an intuitive way and so create attractive and practical profiles without having to study all of the documentation.

Click here for a preview.

Updating user profiles on the go

A Linchpin user who is often on the road and usually accesses the system via the mobile app will be able to make changes to their profile on the go so that it's always up to date. Team members without access via a desktop computer will be able to use the mobile app for the initial configuration by filling out the user profile with their information. This way, colleagues can find out more about one another, and the user can be shown personalized content (e.g., news).

DC approval for space privacy

Many Linchpin Suite customers also use Space Privacy. As such, a switch to Data Center is only an option if the systems are fully compatible.

Connecting the Blueprint Creator to News

When creating a blog article, the system should support the user in remembering all of the important information such as metadata, so that they can publish a high-quality blog post.

Improving Org Charts in profiles

When a user calls up a profile, it should be clear to see where that person is situated within the company structure. Furthermore, users will be able to navigate their way around the rest of the structure.

Click here for a preview.

Prototype for default dashboards

When installing the Linchpin Intranet Suite, it makes sense to offer users conceptional and creative support in setting up the dashboard so that they begin with suitable content.

Exploration: Linchpin Configuration Assistant

As a way of offering our users more guidance when configuring Linchpin, we are examining and exploring the topic of a configuration assistant and developing concepts for how we can support our evaluators and administrators more effectively.

Linchpin Intranet Suite release at the end of the PI

The latest version of Linchpin Intranet Suite will be released at the end of the PI.

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