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What is a dark feature?

No support!

Dark features are not part of our official support and represent beta features without any guarantee to work properly on all systems.

In most cases, we do not recommend using dark features. You should keep any dark feature off, unless //SEIBERT/MEDIA (e.g. our support team) explicitely advised you to activate it.

What is this dark feature?

This dark feature is used to deactivate pagination in the macro "Subscribe to spaces".

Once the pagnation is removed you have one long list.

With the pagnation

Without the pagnation, i.e. the dark feature is activated

How to activate the option to deactive the pagination for "subscribe to spaces"?

To activate this dark feature, you have to activate it in Confluence.

To do so navigate to the hidden "Development Features" page through


On this page enter the following key: 


This page was last edited on 09/28/2023.