Visualize workflows or processes.

UML diagram

Create structure and behavior diagrams.

Network diagram

Illustrate the structure of your network.

Venn diagram

Show the logical relationships between groups.

AWS diagram

Fully document your AWS network architecture.

Rack diagram

Document the layout of your server racks.

Tree diagram

Visualize your company's hierarchy as an organization chart.


Categorize topics and map connections.

BPMN diagram

Record business processes and workflows.

Sequence diagram

Document how objects interact over time.


Structure and visualize your business and project planning.

Floor plan

Draw floor plans to optimize your work and living spaces.

Boston Consulting Group Matrix

Display your product and service portfolio and derive strategies.

Business Model Canvas

Strategic management method to develop new business models.

Sales Funnels

Visualize your customers throughout all stages of your sales process.


Present information visually and vividly.

Gantt chart

Visualize project steps, dependencies and deliverable dates.

Electrical diagram

Plan electrical processes and circuit boards.

Mockup for a mobile app

Create mockups for digital user interfaces.


Create wireframe diagrams for digital user interfaces.

Reference – Meyer Werft

Meyer Werft, a ship building company, decided to switch from Gliffy to draw.io.

They explain why they switched to draw.io


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