draw.io is so much more than "just diagramming." Its rich feature set makes it an extension of your imagination. What you think is what you see. Check below for a complete description of what draw.io can do for you.

Use-Cases and shapes     Intuitive and flexible editor     Import     Export     Security / Privacy / Sustainability

Customization options     Advanced diagramming features      Training / Onboarding

Use-Cases and shapes

Use-Cases and shapesConfluence CloudConfluence Data Center

Confluence Server

Wide range of use-cases and shapes53 libraries with thousands of shapes
Provide shape libraries to visualize software and process shapesFlowchart, C4, Data Flow, ERD, UML, BPMN, Value Stream Mapping, ArchiMate, and many more…
Provide shape libraries to visualize technical content like networks and system architectureAWS, Azure, Cisco, Citrix, Google Cloud Platform, IBM, Kubernetes, and many more…
Provide shape libraries to create mockup diagramsAndroid, iOS, Sitemaps, and many more…
Easy search functionality for shapes


Individual shape library (Scratchpad)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Built-in templates for various use-cases(tick)(tick)(tick)

Intuitive and flexible editor

Intuitive and flexible editorConfluence CloudConfluence Data Center

Confluence Server

Use Drag & Drop functionality to easily create diagrams:


Enhance shapes:


Link shapes or text inside of shapes:

  • External URL
  • Confluence pages
  • Page content
  • Attachments
  • Diagram pages
Simultaneous editing supportReal-time editing
(with Autosave)
Merging changes
Whiteboard functionality(tick)(error)(error)
draw.io Viewer works on touch devices(tick)(tick)(tick)


ImportConfluence CloudConfluence Data Center

Confluence Server

Migrate from other diagramming tools via drag and drop


Lucidchart OnPrem

Mass import from other diagramming tools


Lucidchart OnPrem

Update cycles of migration scripts

Continuous updates, every customer case result in a new version

Upload diagrams from external sources

Google Drive
Manual upload
Drag & Drop
CSV Import

Drag & Drop
CSV Import

Advanced import options, create from



Link and sync existing diagrams on other Confluence pages(tick)(tick)(tick)


ExportConfluence CloudConfluence Data Center

Confluence Server

Standard export formatsPNG, JPEG, SVG, PDF
Online formatsHTML, URL
Export as readable diagram fileVSDX (Visio), XML (draw.io, diagrams.net)

Security / Privacy / Sustainability

Security / Privacy / SustainabilityConfluence CloudConfluence Data Center

Confluence Server

App integration of draw.io100% embedded in Confluence
Where is diagram data stored?Diagrams are stored in Confluence only (meets ISO 27000, 27001, and 27002 requirements)
Is there user or usage tracking in draw.io?draw.io completely refrains from tracking user or application data
Are external servers required/involved in data rendering?For PDF creation and migration of third-party diagrams -> option to deactivate these services, see our Data Governance and Lockdown featureNo, draw.io operates behind your firewall
Where are the servers located?AWS Data Center (storage within Confluence Cloud)Your own server/data center (Full control)
Does draw.io offer revision handling?Yes (meets ISO 19011 requirements)
Indexing of all diagram content (diagrams can be found via the search functionality in Confluence)Yes

Works with the Confluence backup/restore cycle(tick)(tick)(tick)
Meeting Atlassian security standardsMember of Atlassian's Bug Bounty Program, Atlassian Fortified Program
Permission settingsdraw.io follows the Atlassian permission scheme
Version updatesOn average, our Atlassian apps are updated every two weeks. You can have a look at our public changelog to view all updates
Feature RequestsVia Github, see https://github.com/jgraph/drawio/issues
Support optionsSee end user license agreement

Customization options

Customization optionsConfluence CloudConfluence Data Center

Confluence Server

Create custom shape libraries (insert link)Yes, see video and blog postYes, see blog post
Create custom color schemesYes, see blog postYes, see blog post
Embed custom fontsYes, see blog postYes, see blog post
Create custom templatesYes, see blog postYes, see blog post

Advanced diagramming features 

Advanced diagramming features Confluence CloudConfluence Data Center

Confluence Server

Use multiple pages per diagram(tick)(tick)(tick)
Work with layers(tick)(tick)(tick)
Mathematical typesetting library(tick)(tick)(tick)
Draw freehand shapes(tick)(tick)(tick)
Define container shapes(tick)(tick)(tick)
Use interactive shapes e. g. for button navigations(tick)(tick)(tick)
Automated layout functionality(tick)(tick)(tick)
Insert tables e. g. for cross-functional flowcharts(tick)(tick)(tick)

Training / Onboarding

Training / OnboardingConfluence CloudConfluence Data Center

Confluence Server

Video-assisted learningYes, see our YouTube channel
Blog post tutorials for self-assisted learningYes, see Step-by-Step tutorials
Interactive tutorials for self-onboarding of new usersYes, see Interactive Guides website and instructional video (embeddable XML templates)

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