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Import and Export     Security and Sustainability     Usability     Versatility     Customization

Import and Export

Import and Export


Import data from different formats

Yes (Gliffy, Visio, PNG with XML, CSV)Yes (Visio,
Import multi-page Visio filesAll pagesOnly the first page
Mass importer option to bulk-migrate diagramsYes (Gliffy, Lucidchart OnPrem)Yes (, Lucidchart OnPrem)
Export our diagrams to share them with external usersYes (PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF, VSDX, HTML, XML, URL)Yes (PNG, JPG, SVG, Gliffy, PDF via Print)
Enable users without access to Confluence to work with you on diagramsYes (with our open-source apps)No
Update shape links when migrating from one Confluence deployment to anotherYes, via PageID mappingNo, links needs to be adapted manually after the migration

Security and Sustainability (Permanence/Endurance)

Security and Gliffy
Solution 100% embedded into ConfluenceYesYes
Use the Confluence search functionality to search for text in diagrams (indexing of diagram content)Yes (Full indexing)Yes (Full indexing)

Act on a user's behalf, even when the user is offline


Revision history to enable audit trailsYes (on Confluence and app level)Yes (on Confluence and app level)
Link and synch diagrams that already existYesYes

Control over where your data goes (in Confluence Cloud)

Diagrams are created in your browser and saved to Confluence ONLY (no servers involved)Diagrams are saved to Confluence AND Gliffy servers
Participation in Atlassian's Bug Bounty programYesYes
Atlassian Cloud FortifiedYesYes
No code from third-party domains embedded to ensure a high level of data securityYesNo, in 10/2020 seven trackers from different third-party domains were included
Autosave functionality (in Confluence Cloud)YesNo
Number of version updates Confluence Cloud (from 2019 to 06/2021)117 (2022), 120 (2021), 11 (2020), 15 (2019)No actual numbers, ask the vendor
Number of version updates Confluence Data Center (from 2019 to 12/2021)26 (2022), 30 (2021), 28 (2020), 29 (2019)7 (2022), 7 (2021), 10 (2020), 7 (2019)
Number of version updates Confluence Server (from 2019 to 06/2021)26 (2022), 30 (2021), 28 (2020), 29 (2019)7 (2022), 7 (2021), 10 (2020), 7 (2019)
Change Log documentationSee public documentation

Usability Gliffy
Supports all of the relevant diagramming use-cases (such as Flowcharts, BPMN, UML, ERD, Mindmaps, etc.)Yes Yes
Draw diagrams with your colleagues in realtime (collaborative editing)Yes, see demo in Confluence CloudYes

Fluid creation of diagrams

Add shapes, connect and/or modify them, navigate on the drawing area > all with the same toolYou have to switch between three tools (shapes, connectors, move canvas)
Support of Drag & Drop functionality
  • Add shapes
  • Insert images (PNG, JPG)
Accessibility of format shapes and connectors
  • Pop-up panels only that you have to navigate through
  • Copy styles and apply them to other shapes/connectors
Link shapes to other content
  • Confluence Pages and Attachments
  • Page Content (Headers)
  • Diagram content (from multiple diagram pages)
  • Weblink (with the option of relative URL)
  • Confluence Pages and Attachments
  • Page Content (Headers)
  • Weblink
Ability to have multiple pages per diagram where you can display subprocesses etc.YesNo
Option to use layers in diagramsYesYes
Use shortcuts to quickly draw e.g. flowchartsA lot of shortcuts available basic shortcuts


Create diagrams via AIYes, with our smart templatesNo

Create a diagram from code

Text, PlantUML, Mermaid, SQL, and CSVMermaid

Use Mathematical typesetting to draw diagrams


Whiteboard feature

Yes, with our additional Board macroNo
Crop images inside a diagramYesNo

Collapsable/expandable shapes and container shapes


Assistant for automated layouts


Create and connect new shapes at the same time (with our without a shortcut)

Advanced connectorsYes, connector can take shortest path or customized routes (with definable waypoints)No
Animate connectorsYes, show flow directionNo

Customization Gliffy
Create custom libraries and make them available by default for the rest of the companyYes, adding images AND shapes via Drag & Drop (no shape limits)Yes, add images and upload shapes (limited to 30 objects per library)
Create templates from custom diagrams and make them available in the template managerYesNo
Have a personal library (scratchpad) where you can store individual shapesYesNo
  • Meet corporate design guidelines: Implement and use your custom fonts
  • Implement and use your custom colors
  • Color picker functionality

You want to migrate from Gliffy?

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