• Never lose old versions of your built menu structures, thanks to the new menu structure history.
  • Extended filtering: Use wildcards to filter menu items for users or user groups more easily. Build even more complex filters with logical operators (AND, OR, NOT).
  • Menus are rendered on the client using Soy templates.
  • Optimized display of menus and admin area for smaller browser windows.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Removed time limit of the menu edit mode lock (admins can always unlock the menu edit mode).
  • Permission fixes: Users only see menu entries linking to Confluence pages when they have view permission.
  • Display bugs in Internet Explorer 8.
  • Menu can't be saved if your admin session has expired (default is 10 min).

This is how you can use the Navigation Menu Editors: User Guide

This is how you administer the Navigation Menu Editor: Administrator Guide

Get information about the Navigation Menu Editors developer resources: Developer Guide

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