As a user:

Ask your administrator for the version of the Linchpin Navigation Menus plugin.

As an administrator:

You find the version number in the administration section (Administration > Manage add-ons > Linchpin Navigation Menus).

Please note: Version 2.8 of Linchpin Navigation Menus is the last that was available as a standalone app. Newer versions are included in our Linchpin Theme app and are of course part of the complete Linchpin Suite.

The documentation on the current site is valid for standalone versions only that were purchased before the merge of the apps.

See the documentation for your release

    Key Features

    • Create a global menu easily in Confluence. Simply drag & drop menu items to create multi-language menus for your users.

    • Make your navigation (or parts of it) public for anonymous Confluence users.

    • Permit arbitrary Confluence users or user groups to edit the navigation structure.

    • Preview the menu and use filters to see how it will be shown to users.

    • Use live filtering to more clearly configure the relevant parts of your navigation structure.

    • Choose to display your navigation as dropdown menu or multi-column flyout menu.

    • Never lose old versions of your previously built menu structures, thanks to the new menu structure history.

    • Use wildcards to filter menu items for users or user groups more easily. Build even more complex filters with logical operators (AND, OR, NOT).

    • Draft your menus:

      • Save and preview menu drafts without publishing them immediately.

      • See a warning message if there are unpublished draft versions of the menu created by another menu editor.

      • See published versions highlighted in the menu history.

    • Import and export menus.

    • Use custom styles by using CSS classes for active menu items.

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