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Always keep the overview: A menu to provide structure and guide you quickly

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General idea

A Confluence or Linchpin intranet can be quite massive with tens of thousands of pages. Naturally, not all of them will be part of your navigation menu. But probably the most important spaces are part of the menu. If you want to help users to orient themselves, you might want to give an optical hint as to which top level menu item the current page belongs to.

In future releases there will be more convenient ways to define such an optical hint; for now we implemented css classes. Using those you can style your menu items if the current page belongs to them.

CSS classes


If the current page itself is part of the menu, this menu item will have the class active item.


If the current page is part of a space that's part of the menu, this menu item and all of its parents will have the class active-item-trail


There are some restrictions to this functionality you should know about:

  • If the space the current page belongs to is not part of the menu at all, there will be no indicator.
  • If the space the current page belongs to is part of the menu several times, only the first occurrence will be indicated.
  • If the menu item points to the space homepage instead of the space itself, there will be no indicator. Please make sure to link to spaces in the menu, not to space homepages.

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