Linchpin Navigation Menus

Always keep the overview: A menu to provide structure and guide you quickly

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2.7.7 Release Notes

Bugfix Release

  • Fixed a minor issue regarding menu personalization occurring when group memberships change.

2.7.6 Release Notes

Internal Release

2.7.5 Release Notes

Bugfix Release

  • If there's an empty menu entry because the current user doesn't have view permissions for all the entries below, the menu entry itself will be hidden now.

2.7.4 Release Notes

Data Center approved release

  • Data Center approved release

2.7.3 Release Notes

Bugfix Release

  • We fixed the menu personalization. You can now filter your menu by groups, and show it for anonymous users again.
  • Menu items that use Confluence short links ("/x/...") are now correctly recognized as internal links.

2.7.1 Release Notes

Bugfix Release

  • Fixed a bug which caused an empty menu and errors entering the admin area under rare circumstances on Data Center instances.

2.7 Release Notes

New name, design and layout option

Please note: Version 2.7 brings some changes on a structural level. The upgrade should work nicely; but just in case you want to downgrade afterward, make sure to export your menu structure and keep it as a backup before you upgrade.

If you change and save elements in version 2.7 and then try to downgrade, there might be issues.

If you are upgrading to Linchpin Navigation Menus 2.7, please make sure to upgrade to Linchpin Theme Plugin 2.12 as well, if you are using both. Previous versions of Linchpin Theme Plugin don't support styling of menus in Linchpin Navigation Menus 2.7.

If you made any changes to your menu design via Custom CSS, you might want to check those after upgrading. With version 2.7 we changed some of the CSS selectors.

Versions prior to 2.7 had an overall CSS class called menu-editor-navigation

Starting with version 2.7 the overall CSS class is called linchpin-navigation-menus

Our recommendation regarding Custom CSS is: Take it all out and have a look at the menu as it is without Custom CSS. Afterward add again what you still deem necessary.

New features

  • New app name: Navigation Menu Editor is now Linchpin Navigation Menus
  • New layout: extended flyout for large menus with lots of menu items
  • Add icons to menu items
  • Indicator on the top level if the current page is part of the menu structure or belongs to a space that’s part of the menu
  • Indicator for links that lead to external pages


  • Intelligent behavior when selecting sub-items: move the mouse cursor diagonally without the sub-menu collapsing
  • Massive design overhaul for the menu
  • Classic and extended flyout layouts support four levels of menu items.

Bug Fixes

  • „Open in new tab“ option now really opens a new tab for each click

Have you found a bug or a missing feature? Please contact us via Let's build a great product together! 


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