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Insert the news feed on a page


In a first step you'll insert the Corporate News Feed macro into a page where you want to display it. 


News source configuration



If you don't plan to personalize the news according to a user's profile attributes, you can simply define one or more spaces. If you don't configure anything but simply insert the macro on your page, it will show all kinds of news from all spaces. This is also the default configuration.

New in Version 1.2

In earlier versions you could only define one space per macro, which allowed only for very simple news concepts.

Now you can use almost any combination of spaces and labels:

empty field

If you leave the field empty, the feed will draw news from all spaces in your Confluence instance.

one spaceIf you enter a single space, all the news for this feed will come from this specific space.
several spacesIf you enter several spaces, the news will com from one of those spaces (as if you said "from space 1 OR space 2")
empty field

If you leave the field empty, the feed will draw all news from the specified space(s), no matter what labels are applied to them

one labelIf you enter a single label, all the news for this feed will come from the specified space(s) AND they have to be tagged with the specified label
several label(s)If you enter several labels, all the news will come from the specified space(s) AND they have to be tagged with ALL OF the specified labels



Linking labels with OR

If your news concept calls for a linking of labels with OR, you can do so by defining a news section in the admin interface and select "Personalized news section" within the tile. Please read ENB - Define News Sections for personalization 1.2 for further information.


In order to display personalized news in your feed you'll choose the option "Personalized news section". A dropdown menu will offer all existing news sections. Just select the one you want to be displayed.

If you want to define more news sections for personalization, please refer to ENB - Define News Sections for personalization.

Options for your Corporate News Feed


In addition to the source of your news you can define three options:

  1. The desired layout of your news feed. The default layout contains preview images, social features and a text excerpt. The compact layout consists of a lean table containing only the date and title of the news.
  2. The number of news you want to display initially. If there are more news available than the number you define here, the feed will offer a button to load more news. The sorting is chronologically, so new postings will be displayed on top.
  3. If you want to links within a news item to open in a new window or tab, select the checkbox "New window/tab".


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