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General concept 

When there are many news from many different sources in your intranet, some users might feel overwhelmed. That's where personalization can help. Our LINCHPIN plugins Enterprise News Bundle and Custom User Profiles work hand in hand to deliver those news to your users they are really interested in: Depending on certain profile fields, they can be presented news from different spaces and/or with different labels. This gives you the ability to tailor the content to every single user's needs. 

Step 1: Choose profile fields for personalization


In order to do this you first have to choose, which profile fields are relevant. You can select up to three profile fields which will be used to define those personalizations in the following steps.

Step 2: Create news sections and channels


Now you'll create a new news section. You can name it any way you want. Ideally you'll choose a descriptive name that hints on the purpose of the respective news section. In this example the news section's name is "Global", as we plan to deliver different news to users according to their "Location" profile field.   


Within a news section you can define as many news channels as you need. The example to the left uses two channels: News from space "Corporate News Berlin (CNWI)" will be delivered to users with "Germany" in their Country profile field, news from space "Corporate News (CN)" to all the other users. 

You can use wildcards and logical operators for more complex filtering arguments. Please refer to the page Useful admin information for more information.

New in Version 1.2

In earlier Versions you could only define one space per channel, which allowed only for very simple news concepts.

Now you can use almost any combination of spaces and labels to define the kind of news that you want to show to specific users:

empty field

If you leave the field empty, the news channel will draw news from all spaces in your Confluence instance.

one spaceIf you enter a single space, all the news for this channel will come from this specific space.
several spacesIf you enter several spaces, the news will com from one of those spaces (as if you said "from space 1 OR space 2")
empty field

If you leave the field empty, the news channel will draw all news from the specified space(s), no matter what labels are applied to them

one labelIf you enter a single label, all the news for this channel will come from the specified space(s) AND they have to be tagged with the specified label
several label(s)If you enter several labels, all the news for this channel will come from the specified space(s) AND they have to be tagged with ALL OF the specified labels




Linking labels with OR

If your news concept calls for a linking of labels with OR, you simply define several news channels - one for each of the labels you want to use. All the other fields you'll want to fill out identically. The second screenshot on the left shows an example for this.

As you can see in this example, the personalization fields are left empty. This way you create a list of OR-linked labels that come from one, all or certain spaces and will be displayed to all users the same way.




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