Up into the Atlassian Cloud – with Seibert Media!

This is how we support you with your cloud migration

Do you want to move to the cloud? Seibert Media can accompany you! Depending on whether you are just starting out or are already advanced in your considerations, we offer you tailor-made support. To make your cloud migration as smooth as possible.

This is what you can expect when moving to the cloud with Seibert Media:

At the beginning, we will carry out a cloud app assessment to check your cloud compatibility and to make an initial cost estimate. Together we will discuss which migration scenarios are suitable for you and as soon as you decide to migrate with Seibert Media, we will go through the four migration phases together up to the launch.

Our range of services: Cloud Assessment

App Assessment

Services provided by Seibert Media

Your preparation as a customer

System Analyse

Analysis of the system landscape

  • Identification of all relevant systems
  • Do systems need to be consolidated?
  • Are there third-party integrations?
  • Do custom applications access the Atlassian systems?

Analysis of the system landscape

  • Identification of all used or (cloud) relevant systems
  • Clarify internally whether systems should be consolidated.
  • What custom applications are there?
  • Find out whether the instances are self-hosted or hosted by a partner.
  • Assess whether migrating to the cloud is the right move with the help of Seibert Media.

Analyze Atlassian Apps

Checking the apps for migration capability:

  • Is the same app functionality available in a cloud product by default?
  • Is the app already available in the cloud?
  • Are there differences in the functionalities?
  • Does the app have a cloud migration path?
  • What alternatives are there if an app is not available?

Analyze Atlassian Apps

  • Evaluate apps used (put together an internal team that uses the apps, understands their content (redundant and still relevant) and has IT know-how
    • Review how each app is being used: are they all being used for their intended purpose?
    • How many people use the apps?
    • Do multiple apps serve the same purpose?
  • Are there apps that definitely cannot be done without in the cloud?

Analyze User Managements

Review of the current user management process:

  • Are active directories already in use?
  • Identification of all relevant users
  • Determining the need for Atlassian Access

Analyze User Managements

  • Is an Active Directory already in use and if so, which one?
  • Specify the number of users you want to migrate to the cloud
  • Find out if there are users who only need Reading Access (Read-only through IP Allowlisting)
  • Internal needs assessment for Atlassian Access as a central user management system and as a tool for increased security of all Atlassian cloud products.

Analyze Data

  • Consideration of the underlying data with regard to storage requirements
    • Analysis of Support.zip
    • Checking the software versions
    • system integrity
    • Custom Fields

Analyze Data

  • Provision of relevant data or scripts


We estimate how much support you will need during the migration and how much time and capacity we need to reserve for a successful migration.

Internal coordination on estimating the cost of the migration with Seibert Media


We will help you to put together a suitable project team at an early stage.

Which stakeholders are relevant for successful project completion?

Early engagement with internal security or procurement teams should be undertaken to ensure Atlassian cloud products meet requirements.

Questions about security, legal & compliance

We present you with all relevant sources of information from Atlassian and take care of an exchange with Atlassian in case of queries.

Evaluate which data protection regulations your company must comply with.

Presentation of possible migration strategies

In order to successfully migrate your systems to the cloud, we present the most common methods.

In order to successfully migrate your systems to the cloud, we present the most common methods.

Assessment of resources

We check where and when we can best support you.

The prerequisite for carrying out the assessment is the following completed questionnaire. Please copy or download the document:

Questionnaire (Excel file)   Questionnaire (PDF file)  

Based on the results of the assessment, we will then review your options.

Migration scenarios

Depending on the size of your business (measured in users), your options are:

Lift & Shift

Suitable for: small medium-sized companies with low complexity = less than 2,000 users

How it works: Everything is migrated at once.

Optimize & Shift

Suitable for: Customers with medium complexity = 2,000-10,000 users

This is how it works: Seibert Media only migrates necessary data and deletes inactive users.


Suitable for: large companies with high complexity = more than 10,000 users

How it works: In this scenario, your data is migrated in stages to minimize downtime and optimize instances during the migration

Have you already decided to move to the Atlassian Cloud?

We will be happy to assist you with your change. Whether performing the complete technical migration of your Confluence or Jira instance or just a cloud transition workshop - you have the choice of how intensively we should support you with the migration.

Do you want to first test the Atlassian Cloud?

Then our Free Cloud Migration Trial is something for you! With the free cloud test instance, you can test and experience the cloud and its advantages independently without affecting your existing productive system.

The four stages of migration

Migration phase

Services from Seibert Media

General recommendations for the customer in the migration phases


  • First plausibility check by the migration assistant
  • Verify that the on-premises version is supported for migration to avoid the need for an upgrade before migration
  • Evaluation of the required app alternatives
  • Checking possible migration paths of apps
    • Possibly coordination with app manufacturers
  • Communicate details of the migration to all stakeholders and affected teams
  • Benefits associated with company vision & outlook
  • Present the process/schedule for when the migration will be carried out
  • Ask end-users not to make any changes during the transition
  • Communicate what downtime users may have to expect.
  • What will the new URL(s) be?
  • How will users log in?
  • Internally, who can users contact if they encounter problems or cannot sign in?
  • What will happen to the old site after migration? Will it still be accessible or readable?
  • Present planned introduction (support) e.g. announce training courses
  • Prepare and clean up on-premises instance(s).
    • View permissions and groups, and locate inactive projects and spaces
    • Determine which areas and projects should ultimately be migrated
    • Adjust the settings for anonymous access (without logging in) to Confluence and Jira to your own requirements in the cloud before the migration.
  • Set up SSO in advance and verify domain if access is desired in the cloud

Test migration

  • Development of a migration strategy
    • Cyclical migration runs
    • Validation of the results
    • test with the customer
  • Adjustments to the source system before the next run
  • Finally, if necessary, a cleanup of the cloud instance before the product migration
  • Direct clarification of emerging problems with Atlassian
  • If necessary, the test migrations are repeated if previous attempts fail or cause problems
  • Customer testing accompanied by Seibert Media
  • App testing for functionality and compatibility with the cloud app variant and the migrated data
  • Back up your own systems

Productive migration

  • Productive data migration
    • Attachments
    • projects/areas
    • app data
  • Configuration or correction of functionalities due to changed platform
  • No hard work like improving/converting individual pages/issues etc.
  • Block access to server-side for users
  • Consider setting up site-wide banners to notify users of read-only status
  • Adjusting the groups and permissions in the target system, as well as setting up product access, inviting users to the cloud instance, and communicating the new URL
  • Final release


  • HyperCare phase after the migration for any problems that may arise

  • Introductory and training materials as well
    Information that end-users need to get started, such as B. Provide and share new links and sign-up instructions
  • Get to know the cloud even better and use the range and features of the cloud properly
  • Explore cloud-only features like native platform, platform automation, AI-powered predictive intelligence, and admin insights
  • Use mobile apps to drive work from anywhere
  • Seamless integration with the other SaaS tools the team is already using, such as Zoom, Slack, Teams,
    Google Drive and Dropbox

Personalized consulting for Atlassian Cloud

Contact our team of experts to discuss your cloud related questions

Daniel Lautz
Sales Consultant

Mourad Benchallal
Sales Consultant

Kerstin Wick
Sales Development Representative

Dana Rafael
Customer Success Manager

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