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With Atlassian Cloud as a software-as-a-service, your company is noticeably relieved, because hosting and operation of the applications are directly with Atlassian. The administrative effort is reduced and your teams can concentrate fully on their work. The user interface is particularly easy to use and the applications are always up to date.

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How your organization can profit from the Cloud

Minimal Administrative Effort

Atlassian takes care of the complete operation and hosting of your applications. This allows you to concentrate fully on your core business. You also save all costs for the acquisition and maintenance of hardware.

Easy-to-Use User Interface

Atlassian dedicates a lot of time and energy into making all products easy to use. With the new user interface of the cloud applications, interactions for your teams will be even more intuitive, pleasant and fluid.

Always Up-to-Date

All updates are automatically installed without downtimes. This means that your teams can always access the latest version of their application - no matter when or where they work.

Our Atlassian Cloud
Range of Services

As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner with experience from thousands of Atlassian projects, we are well-equipped to advise you on the evaluation of an optimal licensing model for you. We will address all questions regarding your license setup and support you in all aspects of the scaling your Atlassian products.

Personalized Consultation

As an experienced Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we provide personalized consultation on all aspects of the Atlassian product portfolio. We will find the solution that best suits your processes and requirements.

Exclusive License Sales

We can provide you with all the licenses you need for your Atlassian solution needs. Additionally, you benefit from a large number of additional advantages when purchasing your Atlassian licenses via //SEIBERT/MEDIA.


We help you plan and implement data and user migration from servers or data centers to Atlassian Cloud. We will also assist you in managing the ongoing processes - all the way to billing.

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Advantages & Features

Reduced Hardware Costs

All costs for hosting and operating your Atlassian applications are eliminated. You only pay for the actual number of users of the applications.

Data Residency

All Atlassian Cloud plans include the Data Residency feature. This means you can choose in which region the application data is stored (e.g. in the European Union).

Automated Upgrades

Atlassian continuously develops the cloud software and adds new features. You no longer need to install upgrades, Atlassian will do that for you.

More Security

90% of new Atlassian customers choose a cloud product. As the largest hosting provider, Atlassian offers the highest security standards and implements the DSGVO guidelines according to EU standards.

High Scalability

Atlassian Cloud ensures that your system grows with your needs. Even if your systems are used more intensively, the amount of data or access to the systems will scale up to compensate.

Mobile Access

Atlassian makes all cloud applications available free of charge as mobile apps. This allows your employees to access their applications conveniently while on the go.


Where is the data located and is it safe there?

Atlassian cloud products are certified to many standards, such as ISO 27001/27018, SOC2 and PCI DSS v3.2, and the cloud is also strictly DSGVO-compliant by signing the Order Processing Contract (AVV).

Atlassian purchases hosting services from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other subcontractors in the USA. However, the data is continuously secured by data protection contracts. Atlassian certifies its cloud products with Privacy Shield. In addition, an AVV and a standard EU/AUS contract also apply.

Will our data be shared?

Data can only be processed, for example in the USA, if there is a reason for this. Users must also be informed and give explicit consent. Atlassian guarantees that the data will only be used to provide the services. The data storage is encrypted and pseudonomyized. 

Is the Migration complicated?

The migration of basic software like Confluence or Jira is easy and can be done with just a few clicks. Migration can become complex if extensive apps/extensions are used. The migration capability of the data created with an app, depends strongly on the individual app manufacturers and has to be checked on a case-by-case basis. Generally speaking, migrations can result in the layout and formatting of pages not being adopted.  This is because markup parameters are handled differently. Our experienced operating team will be happy to advise you on the migration of your instance.

Are there exclusive features for the cloud application?

Atlassian is continuously working on the further development of its cloud products. Many features are developed exclusively for the cloud application and are different from those for the server or data center solution. The easy-to-use editor for Confluence Cloud, the advanced project archiving features for Jira Cloud or the easy authentication via G Suite are just some examples of Atlassian Cloud-only features.

Further information on the function differences of each product:

Are all apps and extensions available for Cloud?

Currently not all apps and extensions available for the server and data center solution are available for the cloud solution. Many developers are currently working on a cloud version of their apps. Atlassian is also developing many apps for use in the cloud. Currently, 1000 apps are already available in the Marketplace.

Can we use an Active Directory?

The connection to an Active Directory / integration into an Active Directory is available to a limited extent. The most common variants for implementation are Atlassian Access and One Login. Our operations team will be happy to provide you with more detailed information about the exact setup. 

What about access to the database?

Access to the database structure is only limited for your admins - unlike the server or data center solution. However, full access to the database is possible if you book the Premium Plan*.

What is the system availability like?

Atlassian does not guarantee uptime in its Service Level Agreements. However, all problems within the systems are precisely recorded and publicly documented. Atlassian has a very good track record in this respect:

What price models are available?

Atlassian differentiates between two different fee-based pricing models for the cloud solution: Standard and Premium. You can choose the option that best suits your needs in terms of features, support and available storage space. 

How are the costs calculated?

You can decide whether you want to pay the licenses annually or monthly. With the monthly billing model, the user scales are not bound to a fixed user tier, as it is with the server or data center solution. This can be an advantage especially for smaller companies or for teams with high fluctuation. 

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