Create an Event

Create events to give your colleagues the opportunity to share activities with you. Whether it's the team review, remote after-work or a townhall meeting.

To create an event, go to the event overview via the sidebar. You will get to the event overview. You can create an event via the "+ Create" button.

Creating and editing an event

In the current version of Events, you can set an event title, add a description, adate and the start and end time and change the header image.

Creating an event

Editing an event

To edit an event click on the event and then the "edit" Button in the top right corner: 

The edit mask looks the same as when creating an event.

Change the header image

To change the header image, create a new event or edit an existing one.

In the header area, hover with your mouse over the current image. A button will appear. Click the Upload image button.

The date and time picker of events

We have implemented a simple and intuitive way to set the event date and time.
Just click in the date / time field to open the calendar and select the appropriate date.

Using the time picker

The duration of an event is initially set to one hour, based on the current time. When the start time is changed, the end time is automatically changed as well.
When you select the end time, you also change the length of the event.
Events beyond one day cannot be created at the moment. The latest possible end time of an event is therefore 23:59 (or 23:45 when using the time picker).

Note: To ensure a consistent user experience, the date picker (as well as the time-picker) in the mobile app is natively rendered based on the respective operating system and thus differs from the display on desktop.




Show my created events

Click on "created by you" in the event overview in the upper right corner next to the create button to get an overview of your created events.

Show the events in which I participate

An overview of the events you have signed up for is on the dashboard next to the posts and above the possible integrations

Participating in an event

To join an event, click on the corresponding event (either from the event overview, or from the dashboard) and click on the Join button.

Your avatar and name will be automatically added to the list of participants. You will see all other participants and can access their profiles.

General note: The full functionality of Events is also available in our mobile app. More screenshots will be added to the documentation shortly. 

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