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What is an RSS or Atom feed?

An RSS or Atom feed makes it possible to display content of a webpage in chronological order within a summarized web feed (think of it like it's a list with a title and a short summary of an article). 

Usually, webpages which contain news articles, podcasts etc. offer an URL to an RSS file on their server so you can embed it as a source for your web feed.


Embed a web feed in Confluence

To use a web feed yourself, embed the Web Feed macro into any Confluence page of your choice.

Feed source configuration

In the Read web feed(s) from ... section, you have to select a source for your web feed(s).

Select ... URL if you want to enter one and only source. Enter the URL to the web feed.
Please noteAs of version 2.15, the allowlist configuration of Confluence is taken into account here. If the allowlist is active, only webfeeds from allowed URLs are loaded. 

Select ... Web feed section if you want to select a pre-configured web feed section. Select a pre-configured web feed section from the drop-down menu.



Web feed sections are configured by the administrator. They allow to display multiple web feeds in one aggregated stream.


Please refer to the Create web feed sections section of this page to learn more about the configuration of web feed sections.

Remaining configuration 

In addition to source configuration you can configure the layout of the Web Feed macro.

Number if items to display

Define how many news articles are displayed initially. More news can be loaded manually via buttons or navigation arrows.

Open links in new window

Activate the Open new links in a new window checkbox to open news articles in a new tab or window instead of being redirected to the news website. A news can be opened when the title is clicked.

Allows you to stay in your Confluence instance while still accessing external news.

Show title only

Activate the Show title only checkbox to hide the excerpts within the Web Feed macro. News will only display the title, but not a short summary.

This option can be used to make the list more compact.



Previous news

Scrolling via arrows will display navigation arrows below the initially loaded news. Arrows allow to "scroll" between older and newer news while still displaying the same amount of news as initially.

Loading via button displays a button below the initially loaded news. Click this button to load more news. The macro gets longer and longer the more often you click on the button. The list's size will reset on page refresh.


Web feed sections

What are web feed sections?

RSS or Atom Feeds from relevant sources are a great way to stay up to date with news from your industry. Web feed sections are groups of multiple web feeds. The Web Feed macro can then display the web feed section to display multiple RSS or Atom feeds at once.

Create web feed sections

Navigate to Confluence administration → Linchpin Enterprise News → Web Feed Sections.

Click on the + Add web feed section button.

Enter a name for your web feed section.

Now, add links to the web feeds. If you need to add more than 3 links (default setting), click on the + Add web feed button below the test area.

When you're done, click on the Save web feed sections button.

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This page was last edited on 06/04/2024.