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Add personalized content to any page

You can add personalized content to every Confluence page or blog post. To do so, add the "Profile based page" or the "Profile based excerpt" macro to any of your pages or blog posts.

Then, select the content group you wish to display. Click on the Save button.


You can also insert the Profile based page or the Profile based excerpt macro into the Default Welcome Message. Doing so will personalize the dashboard.

We explain how to do that further down below on this page.

Profile based excerpt macro

The Profile based excerpt macro will only display content that was previously placed within Excerpt macros. Use this macro to limit the content displayed from the source pages. If a page in the content group does not contain an Excerpt macro, no content of the page will be displayed.

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Profile based page macro

When wanting to show the content of a whole page, you should use the Profile based page macro instead. This macro shows the full content of the page including column layouts and other formatting.

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Personalize the dashboard

Navigate to Confluence administration > Configuration > Global Templates and Blueprints.

Scroll down until you find the System templates section. You need to edit the Default Welcome Message. To do so, click on the Edit button next to it.

Insert the Profile based excerpt or the Profile based page macro into the Default Welcome Message.

Select the content group which contains your dashboards. Click on the Save button.

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This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.