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Write a micropost

We introduce a brand new editor with Microblog 5.0. Use it to share information and style your microposts. 

Input your text, links etc. into the editor, choose a topic and click on the Post it button.

Choose a topic for your micropost

To publish a micropost, you have to choose a microblog topic.

In most cases, a suggested topic is preselected.


If you cannot see the option to select a topic, the topic is predefined by context or macro configuration.

Since version 6.0, the topic can be changed even after a post has been published.

Change the topic after publication

NEW IN 6.0

Now, you can change the topic of your micropost after you have published it. To do so, click on the  three-dots button and then on the Edit button.

At the top of your micropost, select a new topic. Finally, click on the Post it button to publish your changes.

Reply to a micropost

To reply to a micropost works like to write a new micropost.

Click on the Reply button or just type your answer into the input field below a micropost. The editor always shows up directly under the post you refer to. You don't have to scroll through all text context.

You can also reply to other comments. Currently all replies are displayed under the top-level post.

Configurable content types

The content types listed here can be actively used to create a post. 


bold text


italic text


underlined text

Monospace format

monospace text

Strike through

struck through text





H1 Headlines

H2 Headlines

Image, video and file attachments


Link resolver for Confluence links (links to the current Confluence instance will be displayed as titles of linked pages)

Link resolver for Jira links (links to a connected Jira instance will be displayed as the issue's title, status and type in a macro)


The word you want to use as a hashtag has to be unformatted (not bold, underlined, italic etc.).

Please note that not all macros work within the microblog. Check the compatibility after you insert content via copy / paste!

In Microblog version 5.0.x it's not possible to edit attachments.

This bug was fixed in Microblog 5.1.

Displayable content types

Displayable content types can't be used actively. Currently, there is no option to apply those styles when writing a micropost. Displayable means that the styling will show when you insert text with such styling from other sources.

Date macro

The Microblog editor will display the content of the date macro as plain text.

   15 Oct 2019

Panel macro

The Microblog editor will only display the content of the panel macro. Styling like for hyperlinks will be applied. Background color, borders etc. won't be displayed.

 → Link

Status macro

The Microblog editor will display the text content of the status macro in bold, but not preserve the styling of the button.


Use markup to format the content

The microblog supports the markup language for basic formatting, which is known from Confluence.

What you need to typeWhat you'll get
*bold text* bold text
_italic text_italic text

1.[space]ordered list

2.[space]ordered list


#[space]ordered list

  1. ordered List
  2. ordered List
    1. second layer with [tab]

*[space]bullet list

*[space]bullet list


-[space]bullet list

-[space]bullet list

  • bullet List
  • bullet List
    • indent with [tab]
bq.[space]blockquote style

blockquote style

h1.[space]first headline

first headline

h2.[space]second headline

second headline

Each shortcut can be undone either via a backspace, Cmd+z / Ctrl+z and via the buttons available in the toolbar. 

This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.