Add users to your contacts

Linchpin User Profiles offers you a way, to easily manage your important contacts.

Simply click the star icon on a user's profile page or in the profile macro to add them to your favorites. Click the star again to remove them from your list.

My Contacts Macro

Display your favorite users to access them quickly on any page.

The My contacts macro shows your favorite users in a handy list. From there you can gain access to their profile and arrange and organized them according to groups you have created. A group can be created directly in the MyContacts macro. Clicking on the "Edit" icon on the right will open a dialog below the user, which allows you to create groups via a text field or to select existing groups via a multi select dropdown. By selecting "Save" the user is allocated to the respective group. The groups are sorted alphabetically. Users who are not assigned to a group appear under Other contacts at the end of the group list.

You can use the note function in the MyContacts macro to better integrate contacts into your personal context. Notes are created by clicking on the editing symbol and are only visible to you.

You can choose to filter those contacts by their confluence group.

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