What do you get when you purchase licenses through us as your partner

10% rebate when you purchase Google licenses

We offer our customers a 10% rebate on new licenses and license upgrades for Google business software which can be applied to our services. Take advantage of our services including individual consulting and answering questions about the operation and configuration of your software, as well as for customization and extensions for your applications. You could also attend workshops and training courses using the rebate.

Starting any new project or introducing a new system can be challenging. This rebate lets you have an experienced partner by your side as you introduce your Google enterprise products, and take advantage of the professional support provided by a German expert at no extra cost. In our experience, our customers have found this particularly useful when setting up and configuring the new system as well as when their employees are taking their first steps.

When you purchase business licenses from //SEIBERT/MEDIA, you will quickly accumulate a good rebate, typically into the four-digit range - a typical budget for professional workshops, for example. And even when it comes to purchasing smaller licenses, you can use your rebate for demonstration or trouble shooting sessions via desktop sharing, or for extensive consultation calls with our Google experts.

Purchase on account with a leading German service provider

You don't have to order your licenses using a credit card on the internet with us: You will receive an invoice according to German tax regulations, and you can pay and process them after receiving and checking the licenses within 14 days via your established procurement channels.

Full Google support, additional German support by //SEIBERT/MEDIA

When you purchase product licenses via //SEIBERT/MEDIA, you will receive unlimited English-language support from Google. In addition, //SEIBERT/MEDIA is happy to offer you additional German support. Our specialists are available to you and your colleagues personally, by email and by telephone and would be delighted to help you. Please note that this support is not part of the included license support and may be charged on a time and effort basis. Of course, we will explain this in advance, if this applies to your situation.

Professional and free consulting for Google products

//SEIBERT/MEDIA would love to help you set up your customized license package. We provide advice free of charge, including which licenses in which license volume will meet your needs, including all Google products as well as any applicable extensions. We value you as a customer far beyond the initial license purchase, and are therefore always focused on fair and helpful business relationships. You will only receive recommendations for licenses that you actually need and will use - even if this means less revenue for us.

Personal support instead of email support

Google support is known for their fast and competent help. However,this can pose a number of challenges: You always have to describe any errors and problems yourself and often reproduce them at great expense in order to get support.

In contrast, you get to connect with //SEIBERT/MEDIA support directly and personally. In close customer relationships, we usually have access to the relevant applications: Our experts will connect to your application together with you in the event of a problem (e.g. as part of a cost-effective desktop sharing session). In this way, we can work directly with you in the system, often identifying the sources of problems immediately and eliminating errors. We call this hands-on support.

Easy to combine with Atlassian software

//SEIBERT/MEDIA is the largest Atlassian partner in the German-speaking world. Google enterprise products such as G Suite are perfectly compatible with Atlassian products. See an overview of Atlassian products in our licensing portal.

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