With G Suite, Google provides you with a professionally-enhanced office suite that includes Gmail, Docs, Sheets and Slides, Drive, Calendar, online meetings and more applications for your business.

G Suite facilitates collaboration in organizations and takes it to a new level: away from static documents and locally installed, non-integrated tools to true collaboration on digital content, multi-device access with automatic synchronization and deep integration between components - and it is as streamlined and modern as teams expect today.

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Components of G Suite

Communication tools

Gmail offers G Suite customers the opportunity to use custom email addresses (@yourcompany.com). Thanks to the integration with additional Gmail components, you are not limited to traditional email: for example, you can initiate chats and video calls directly from your inbox.

Google Calendar not only allows for classic personal scheduling, but it is deeply integrated into Gmail, Drive, Hangouts and other tools.

With Google+ you can set up an internal social network to communicate and collaborate quickly and easily with each other.

Google Hangouts Meet is a professional solution for high-quality virtual video meetings or chatting with colleagues at the click of a mouse.


Google Docs lets you create and collaborate on text documents in real time and in your favorite browser. All changes are saved automatically. Google Docs lets you to import and edit all of the common file formats and provides a version history. To share documents, you can set granular permission levels.

Google Sheets lets you create spreadsheets, including tables with complex calculations.  

Google Slides provides you with similar advantages and lets you create professional and visually beautiful presentations.

Use Google Keep to record ideas and tasks quickly and even work on them together with your team. 

Google Forms makes preparing and managing surveys and forms easy.

With Google Sites, G Suite provides you with a toolbox to create attractive and responsive websites for teams, products, events, etc.

Data storage

Using Google Drive, employees and teams can store, organize, and share as many files of any size as they want.

Google Cloud Search uses the powerful capabilities and machine learning behind Google Search to efficiently search and find content across your entire G Suite.


The centralized administration lets administrators configure and manage user, device and security settings. Roll out apps to employees and set them up easily with Mobile Management.

Advantages for your IT infrastructure

(blue star) No installation or maintenance of hardware or software required.

(red star) A low fixed price per user and month.

(star) The software applications are already familiar to many of your users. This reduces training requirements.

(blue star) Save on license fees, hardware costs and data center costs.

(green star) Add functionality by integrating with other tools and systems and installing extensions.

Pricing for Google G Suite

G Suite Basic is only €5,20 per user per month. For most organizations, however, we recommend you use the Business Edition for €10,40 per user per month.

The G Suite pricing model gives you a discount when you purchase for longer periods or upgrade.

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Questions or reservations?

Do you need advice about or help evaluating Google G Suite?

//SEIBERT/MEDIA would be delighted to help you. We have experience from thousands of successfully completed projects in organizations of all kinds and sizes. We would love to help you choose the products that best meet your specific requirements. Please contact us!

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