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Macro "Hide from touch"

General Idea

Imagine a Confluence Page that features, lets say, security guidelines for your company. On this page you have a lot of information. Additionally you offer a link to a pdf file that contains more content about this topic. 

For every user sitting at his or her computer, the download makes sense. For users standing in front of a touch display not so much: They don't have access to any files downloaded to the computer behind the display. So you might want this link not to be visible when viewed via Linchpin Touch. 

Instead of creating two versions of the same content, one with the download link and one without, you can simply use the macro "Hide from touch".

Insert the macro "Hide from touch" by selecting it in your macro browser.

Whatever it is you don't want to show on touch displays, simply put it inside the macro: Download-Links, pieces of content, other macros.

For every user sitting at a regular computer and looking at the page, nothing will be changed. But if the same page is visible via Linchpin Touch, the contents inside the macro will not be visible at all.

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This content was last updated on 11/13/2017.

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