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How to access the configuration of the Launchpad

To access the configuration of the Launchpad, click on the gear icon and then on "Apps" and then on "Configuration" on the left.

Here, you can see three tabs: Settings, App Label and Categories.


Within the settings tab, you are able to edit the following:

  • Display settings
  • Suggest app
  • App details
  • Configuration for profile based content

Display settings

Within the display settings you can decide whether or not you want to show the link to the Launchpad.
If the box checked, there is a link to the Launchpad shown within the application header.

Suggest app

Within the suggest app section, you can enable suggestions by checking the box. If the box is checked you allow users to suggest new apps.


Administrators have to check new suggestions in order to publish them within the Launchpad.

Only administrators can view and approve app suggestions.

Please select the administrators to be notified by email when a new app is suggested.

If groups are selected, only users with administrator rights will be notified.

App details

Within the App details you have the following options: Enable to mark apps as "new" to highlight them in the "New apps" section for a limited time

If you check the box, you can decide on the number of weeks the app should be marked as new in the "New apps" section.
Furthermore, you can add custom field to add more details to an app.
Set a title for the additional custom field in the app details.

Information on "Translate to further languages"

The globe icon is only visible if you've purchased the Linchpin Suite as it's part of the package.

If you don't see it, you aren't able to translate the field title above the globe icon.

For further information, visit Translate other Apps.

Configuration for profile based content

Within the configuration for profile based content you can define filter criteria in order to make apps mandatory, recommended or visible to users.
You have the option to choose up to three profile fields that can be used as filter criteria for every app based on user profile data.

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This page was last edited on 09/28/2023.