Open and transparent

We are an open and welcoming company that gets things done. Many companies say that. But few have such an open and transparent description of job requirements posted publicly. Now, imagine that level of openness and transparency in everything we do. Internal and external.

Work ethic 

We never cheat our customers. We never cheat our employees. Everybody has to work hard in our company, from me as the CEO who actively recruits, to our new US consultant and all our team members in between.

Independent work

You can organize your own work, your schedule, your tasks. There is no formal reporting process and no supervision. You've been recruited by the CEO and brought on board because we trust you will reflect our values and work independently from day one. It's a big responsibility, but most of our employees love having the freedom, flexibility and space for creativity that we give them.

Fair salary

We'll pay your way. We are a financially conservative company, so do not expect us to overpay you. If you are looking for a quick and easy deal, this is not it. If you want one of the best jobs of your life that comes with a decent salary, then you've come to the right place.

We want you!

No need to pretend, just be yourself. Do not sell us on an ideal image. Build trust. Work hard. Work on quality and effectiveness, not on efficiency. We do not care how quickly you can learn something. We care about you providing the right answers to customer and partner questions. We care about people who admit their mistakes to coworkers and customers, and have the grit to fix the problems. We don't feel awkward if we have no clue - we'll just admit it. There will always be someone able to answer any Atlassian-related question, guaranteed. But it doesn't have to always be you.


Trust and open-mindedness. We've built striving for openness and building trust into the core of our culture. Foster that. Never ever lie. Even where lying may feel more appropriate given the situation. Instead, say nothing. Build that trust. Keep your promises. That's what we care about. This may sound pretty typical, but violate this rule and you'll be out of the running. No questions asked, no second chances. When that trust is lost, that candidate becomes incompatible with our company.

Digital work

As a remote worker you will be completely dependent on digital communication tools and documentation to work closely with colleagues and product/event teams - you will need to be up to speed crucial news from within the company. We are very disciplined in using these tools and document all our processes and discussions centrally and to a high standard. 

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