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Working at Seibert Media is like ...

... combining enthusiasm and professionalism | achieving goals together, free of bias and prejudice | being rewarded for performance and commitment and not for negotiating skills | finding freedom and optimal conditions for developing one's own talents | working in a great team and growing with the company

Seibert Media is one of the largest Atlassian Solution Partners in the world, and a growing Google Cloud Partner. Apart from license reselling and consulting, we are also a vendor of software products in the Atlassian Marketplace. We develop and sell a wide range of apps that run as add-ons to Atlassian’s core products including, Linchpin and Agile Hive. All products are either developed in-house by product teams employed by Seibert Media, or by partner companies we are cooperating with. In these cases, our partners are responsible for development and support while we are responsible for marketing and sales.

Your best buds in Germany.

Seibert Media is located in Wiesbaden, Germany, with a subsidiary in the US. That said, close cooperation with the team in Germany will be absolutely essential. To give you a better impression of us and Germany, we will of course bring you over to visit us.

Our Identity as an Employer

Agile organization and servantleadership

We strongly believe that organizations should work in an agile way, with self-organized teams making their own decisions and being responsible for their business outcomes. We think that management should do everything in their power to give a clear vision and set the parameters, then get out of the way and let the teams do their jobs. We feel that putting trust in our people and
letting them take over responsibility will make the organization as a whole stronger.

Core values to guide our decisions
We have a set of eight core values that are close to our heart: Team work, personal responsibility, fair play, moral fiber, openness to change, transparency, pragmatism, and sustainability. Whenever we’re in a situation that requires a tough decision, we look at our core values and use them as a directive. So please read them carefully and decide for yourself whether you can identify with our way of
doing things.

...but more importantly, happiness
One of the raison d’etre of our organization is to maximize the wellbeing of our employees while building a business that is successful and kicks ass. It can be a balancing act at times, but making money alone is not something we find particularly appealing. Sure, if the outcomes aren’t right, nobody will have fun but we won’t have more fun just because we make the most money possible.

Fair pay
We don’t want people to work for us because we are the company that offers the highest pay. We want to offer fair pay, no question, but we want our people to work for us because they enjoy spending time with their coworkers. Because they love what they do. Because it gives them a sense of purpose. Because they feel they can make their own decisions. Pay alone is boring.

You’re a person, not a robot
Our goal is to bring a European approach to the U.S. job market. We believe in vacations to recharge your batteries and clear your brain. We believe in paid sick leave to let you focus on getting healthy without having to worry about money. We believe in a fair notice period, so you won’t be out of a job tomorrow without knowing how to pay your bills. But, we also require you to bring your best self to work every day to make sure our joint endeavor becomes a success.

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