Customize Linchpin Mobile to match your corporate design -
turn it into your very own intranet app.

You can now get a custom themed and branded app based on the features of Linchpin Mobile. Make your customized app available via business channels or inhouse deployment to quickly and easily provide intranet access to all of your staff.

Learn more about what's possible and see how you can request a custom mobile app for your company.

Your branding options for Linchpin Mobile

You can choose from the features below to customize Linchpin Mobile to fit your needs. We'll provide you with your company's custom mobile app and keep it up-to-date as the development of Linchpin Mobile continues.

Custom mobile app name and icon

Your company's own intranet app needs a custom name that reflects the internal system it connects to. Also you can set the custom mobile app's icon as you wish - by doing so you can integrate your Linchpin Mobile-based app into the pool of mobile apps that your company already uses.

Corporate design color scheme

It's amazing how changing the primary color of an app makes it look like a whole new product. In case of Linchpin Mobile you can not only change the primary color but many more. Also you can customize a variety of other interface elements (soon to come).

Custom welcome & login area

The onboarding process for new users is crucial for a software tool's success within a company. When branding Linchpin Mobile you can welcome new users with a custom message, configure all of the text labels in the login wizard and even provide your own tutorial screenshots based on your company's Confluence system.

On top of that, there's a public section for general information on your company and to showcase your products, services, and employer brand. See here for details: Linchpin Mobile - Custom App - Public app stream

Various deployment options

Provide access to your intranet to all employees by making your custom mobile app available via business channels (e.g., Apple Business Program) or inhouse deployment. If you require other distribution channels for your company, please feel free to contact us.

Regarding the public iOS app store: Making apps available in the iOS app store requires a review by the Apple Review team which might reject the submission of your app. //SEIBERT/MEDIA can not guarantee your app's public availability.

Discover the possibilities for yourself now

Download our free //SEIBERT/MEDIA branded app for iOS or Android and start a side-by-side evaluation with Linchpin Mobile. Since the featureset is based on Linchpin Mobile you can use it with our demonstration system as well - and also your own instances!

Linchpin Mobile app

//SEIBERT/MEDIA branded app

Log in to our public Linchpin demonstration instance

After downloading one of the apps linked above, open it and tap 'Login'. Enter the credentials as listed below.

Protocol: HTTPS://

Server address:

Username: pwinter

Password: pwinter

Request an offer for your company's custom intranet mobile app now

Contact us today by filling out the form below and receive a fully customized mobile app for your company. Pricing only consists of an initial fixed price for setting up your custom mobile app - the future development of your app is included with your Linchpin Suite license!

If you have any pricing-specific questions, please contact us at

With the purchase of the Linchpin Mobile branding package you will receive a custom mobile app based on the Linchpin Mobile features that are available at the time of purchase. You agree to provide us with the information required to set up your custom mobile app (see here for details).

You will receive updates for your branded app as Linchpin Mobile evolves. Those updates include feature releases, bugfix releases, and security patches.

Please note: All the prices mentioned exclude any statutory VAT applicable at time of purchase. Licenses for Linchpin Mobile are not included and need to be purchased separately. Linchpin Mobile is exclusively available as part of the Linchpin Intranet Suite - See here why the full Linchpin package might be the intranet solution you've been looking for all the time.

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