Linchpin Mobile is part of the Linchpin Intranet Suite and no longer available separately.

Linchpin Mobile automatically adapts to your installed Confluence apps - 
providing the optimal user experience for every employee.

Linchpin Mobile adds a mobile-optimized component to the Linchpin social intranet suite. With this, each employee in the company can access important information and collaborate with colleagues.
Wherever they are, whenever they need to.

Basic features of Linchpin Mobile

The features listed below are all included with Linchpin Mobile and can be used by simply installing the Confluence App. Even Confluence systems without any installed Linchpin apps are significantly enhanced by Linchpin Mobile.

Simple login

The simple yet secure login to Linchpin or Confluence instances via QR codes eliminates the error-prone typing in of URLs and user data. This minimizes the administrator's support load for onboarding and increases acceptance of new users.

Secure access even without a VPN

Managing individual VPN access for an entire workforce is expensive and time-consuming. The Linchpin Mobile Gateway offers a practical and affordable alternative: To access your Linchpin intranet behind a firewall, users don't need any specific VPN access - just their own QR code to log in. These codes can either be provided by administrators or even generated by the users themselves via Confluence.

Multiple systems

Manage all of your Linchpin and Confluence logins in one app. Linchpin Mobile allows you to switch between different user accounts and instances in just a few seconds.

Support for most MDM systems

Many companies use mobile device management systems to centrally manage a large number of mobile devices. Linchpin Mobile supports the most widely used solutions and lets you easily distribute the app to the managed devices.

Access to your Confluence instance

Use Linchpin Mobile to access and search your Confluence instance to find exactly the information you need, anytime, anywhere. View Confluence pages, write comments, mention your colleagues, and collaborate more closely and efficiently in a team.

Plus, add important pages to your favorites list, subscribe to email notifications for content updates, or share pages with colleagues - all directly from Linchpin Mobile.

Page and space navigation

The Confluence space directory gives you direct access to the most important project, themed and departmental pages. Explore spaces via their page trees, clearly showing you how Confluence pages are arranged hierarchically, and helping you find information quickly and easily.

Alternatively, you can use the Confluence full text search to get to your destination even faster by simply entering keywords.

Extended features based on additional Linchpin apps

To maximize the value of Linchpin Mobile in your company, we recommend using it together with the complete Linchpin Intranet Suite. Learn more about how Linchpin Mobile works in combination with other Linchpin apps.

Corporate news

Keep up to date by receiving the latest corporate news on your mobile device. Participate in discussions about the news articles and express your approval by liking your colleagues' comments.

Please note: The Linchpin Enterprise News app is required to use these features.


Access your microblogs on the go, share new ideas with your colleagues and personalize which topics you want to see.

Please note: The Microblogging for Confluence app is required to use these features.

Personalized user experience

Linchpin Mobile delivers customized content tailored for each user based on the personalization rules defined in your Confluence administration area. You do not need to additionally configure Linchpin Mobile for this to work.

Take customization to the next level with your company's own intranet app based on the Linchpin Mobile featureset. Set your app's name, icon, colors, text labels and more to fit it your Corporate Design. Learn more on the branding options here.

Employee directory

Network with colleagues, call them directly from within Linchpin Mobile or send them an email. You can search the employee directory for keywords, departments and job titles - so you can always find the right person you need to contact.

Please note: The Linchpin User Profiles app is required to use these functions.

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