Microblogging for Confluence

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Release Notes

New Features:

  • Not logged in users are able to read the microblog when anonymous access is enabled within Confluence (writing and liking posts is disabled)
  • See relative creation times of posts instead of absolute ones
  • Configure the number of initially shown posts in the timeline
  • All new posts (since the last timeline refresh) are highlighted


  • The highlighting of new posts now works across browser sessions (v1.3)
  • Microblog emails will be styled like Confluence notifications


  • Corrected display of relative times
  • Improved backward compatibility
  • PostgreSQL fix
  • Fixed sorting of replies-issue

Known Issues:

  • Space homepage is necessary for attachment upload
  • "Save" shortcut tooltip is shown twice in microblogs on pages
  • Switching to the fullscreen mode of the editor (Ctrl+Shift+F) causes a layout bug


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