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General information

The public app section got completely reworked with Linchpin Mobile 3.0 and now provides extended functionality for both you as a customer as well as the users of your branded app. Instead of the former 'About us' section that consisted of only a single page you can now create as many public information pages as you wish, put them in your app's public stream, and make extended use of this app section to present your company, your products, and the app itself in a completely new way.

Within the public section of your app you can provide information to any user (even non-employees without a valid login to your Confluence) and thus address clients, partners, applicants, or any other person interested in your company. For example, your app's public stream might contain general information on your company, your company's products, job offerings, client success stories, project references, case studies, or social media links. 

Ordering a branded app based on Linchpin Mobile for your company requires you to review and accept our terms of service for this product.

Information required

We recommend to provide at least three (3) public pages with general information on your company (for examples see the introductory text above).

(warning) If your app is to be listed in the public app store for Android, the guidelines require a certain public relevance of your app. For this, functionality and information that are not located behind the login barrier and thus accessible for all users of your app are essential.

For each public page we need:

  • The page title that will be displayed in the page's teaser element within the public stream and also within the detail view of the page.
  • A subline that will be displayed in the page's teaser element within the public stream according to the teaser option selected.
  • The page content.
  • A teaser image for the page to be displayed within the page's teaser element within the public stream and the page header.
  • Whether to display the teaser image within the public stream (large, thumbnail) or not.

Also, we need the sort order for the pages - you might want certain information to be displayed more prominent than other.

Requirement details for each public page

InformationYour answerExample
Page title
  • Max. 100 characters
Diagrams for everyone, everywhere
Page excerpt
  • Max. 200 characters is an open platform where you can create and share diagrams. It’s integrated with the tools you already use (e.g., Confluence, Jira, G Suite) and also optimized for browser and desktop.
Page content
  • HTML formatting allowed
  • Possibility to reference external images hosted by your company
  • Embedding of videos not possible yet
<h3>Basic features</h3>
<img src=>
<p><ul><li>Intuitive interface</li>
<li>Nothing to install</li>
<li>Drag & drop functionality</li>
<li>Extensive shape library</li>
<li>Lots of templates</li>
<li><a href=>Helpful training material</a></li></ul></p>
<h3>Rich functionality</h3>
<img src=>
<p><ul><li><a href=>Track & restore changes</a></li>
<li>Import & export various formats</li>
<li>Automatic layout</li>
<li>Publish & share your work</li></ul></p>
<h3>Secure & reliable</h3>
<img src=>
<p><ul><li>We don't store your data</li>
<li>High performance</li>
<li>You own the content you produce</li></ul></p>
<p align=center><a href=><img src=></a></p>
<p><i>(Tap the logo above to get started)</i></p>
<br />
Teaser image
  • JPG or PNG
  • Recommended aspect ratio of 16:9

Teaser option

Select one of the following:

  • Title only
  • Title with image thumbnail
  • Title with large image
Title with large image

In terms of localization we currently support english and german text labels. If you plan to deploy the app for more than one language please provide us with corresponding text labels in both languages.

Please note

  • We are hosting the public information displayed in your branded app by using the Firebase service provided by Google. Thus you have to review and accept the terms of service for a branded app based on Linchpin Mobile for your company.
  • The public stream is not intended for publishing news-like articles and information since (for now) there is no possibility for customers to actively manage the content on their own. If you are interested in such functionality or want to provide us with feedback regarding the public section please refer to

Example apps

Have a look at the public stream sections of our very own apps - Linchpin Mobile and the //SEIBERT/MEDIA branded app.

Linchpin Mobile app

//SEIBERT/MEDIA branded app

Example screenshots

Availability of this feature
  • Linchpin Mobile 3.0.0 or above
  • Linchpin Intranet Suite 2.0.0 or above

(error) Available for the Linchpin Mobile app
(tick) Available for branded custom apps

This page was last edited on 09/28/2023.